Join us at the March for Life Rally!

Be sure to attend the March for Life rally, before the actual march begins! Continue reading

52 Days Away!

Will you join us in our mission to end abortion across America? Continue reading

If Every Marcher Did This One Thing…

“If every marcher responded to God’s call to them, to their potential, abortion would be ended that year, I’m convinced of it.” Continue reading

REVIEW: “A World Without Down Syndrome”?

“Having Ollie in my life has changed me and my family for the better.” Continue reading

3 Ways to Prepare for the March for Life!

Thank you for being part of the world’s largest pro-life event. Together, we can end abortion. Continue reading

3 Parents Advocating for Kids With Down Syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We’re featuring three of our favorite parents who are advocates for their children with Down Syndrome Continue reading

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

The news out of Iceland that 100% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted is still fresh in our minds and raw in our hearts. Continue reading

2018 Theme Announcement: Love Saves Lives!

Today, at a Capitol Hill Briefing, the March for Life Education and Defense Fund announced the 2018 March for Life theme. Continue reading

I Was An Unplanned Pregnancy

I am so grateful for the gift of life from Catherine. For the gift of love from Linda. Continue reading

VIDEO: Why Life is Winning

Ultimately, the American people are rejecting the fundamental message of Roe v. Wade. Continue reading