Angelica Park gives her voice to the unborn in more ways than one

Every January, the streets of Washington DC are filled with tens of thousands of pro-life Americans, gathered together for the annual March for Life. Despite the claims of the mainstream media, the vast majority of these passionate pro-lifers are high school and college students who travel hundreds of miles to speak out for the unborn and call for an end to abortion. One of these voices belongs to Angelica Park, a college freshman who is giving a voice to the voiceless in more ways than one.

Angelica has always had a heart for service, especially for children and babies. While in high school, she began the Happily Ever After Foundation, a non-profit which raised over $45,000 for pediatric oncology patients and research. She would also visit the children in the pediatric cancer unit, bringing them special presents and blankets. During her sophomore year, she competed in and won Miss San Antonio’s Outstanding Teen 2018, with the hope to use the scholarship towards her college studies. Now a freshman at Baylor University, Angelica is studying Biology and Pre-Med with the hope to continue aiding children through a career in pediatric oncology.

During her time in high school, Angelica also became outspoken about the rights of the unborn. She had always grounded her pro-life beliefs in her Catholic faith, recognizing each and every person is made in the image of God. But her passion for science and medicine helped strengthen her convictions and made her “unapologetically pro-life.” In biology class, she studied the development of human life within the womb. From zygote to embryo to fetus to newborn, Angelica was fascinated by the complex process of human development. To her the facts were very clear – life begins at the moment of fertilization. With this knowledge in hand, she knew she had to speak out against the injustice of abortion. She now says, “being a pro-life activist and spreading the truth about abortion and making my generation the most pro-life generation is one of my top priorities.”

In 2020, Angelica brought her pro-life convictions to the national stage as she performed the National Anthem at the March for Life preceding President Donald Trump’s address. The previous day, Angelica also spoke directly to her peers at the March for Life Youth Rally alongside Charlotte Pence Bond and Abby Johnson. She encouraged the room full of teens to have courage in their pro-life convictions even against peer pressure or backlash. Angelica spoke from a place of compassion, having experienced excessive backlash for her own pro-life beliefs in high school. But this experience helped her to empathize with the mothers facing the fears of an unexpected or difficult pregnancy and the pressures of abortion. Through her pro-life work, she desires to bring courage to these mothers and to the pro-life generation.

When fear is the only thing separating you from making the right decision, it is time to act. We cannot let fear stop us. Fear is fed by our insecurities, and knowing we are made worthy through Christ should rule out all fear. I promise it’s more terrifying hiding out in the dark than it is to run towards the light. Speak out. Children’s lives and women’s broken hearts are counting on it.

She calls on the pro-life generation to “let love be the root cause for your passion,” and remember that, “we are pro-life because we love humanity above all else.”

Angelica joined the March for Life again in 2021, performing her original lullaby ‘Listen Can You Hear Them’ during the Virtual Rose Dinner Gala. She wrote the song with her mom in honor of the 62 million lives lost to abortion in the United States. The song is a reminder of the smilies, laughter, and joy that we will never know.

You can follow Angelica’s pro-life efforts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @angelicapark421. She will be announcing the release of her song ‘Listen, Can You Hear Them’ when it becomes available on all streaming platforms in April 2021.

To book Angelica to speak or sing at one of your pro-life events, visit

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