Official Launch of March for Life Action


I have some really big news to share with you.

I am excited to announce the official launch of March for Life Action!


March for Life Action is a certified 501(c)4 entity, which will operate as a sister organization to our 501(c)3, March for Life Education and Defense Fund. The difference between the two organizations is that March for Life Action will allow YOUR VOICE — in combination with the collective voices of the millions of pro-life Americans — to advocate for specific pro-life policies at the federal and state level.

I am deeply convinced that March for Life Action is needed for such a time as this. Our country is truly facing a divisive crossroad on issues related to life and the inherent dignity of the unborn.

While a culture of life has advanced legislatively in many states over the past few years, the June Supreme Court decision striking down Texas’ common-sense safety regulations for abortion centers endangers not only women’s health but also pro-life advances and laws across the country.

Then in late July, the Democrat National Committee introduced the most radical pro-abortion platform ever, advocating for abortion, on demand, at any time during pregnancy, paid for by your tax dollars.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate and other pro-abortion advocates have even called for a repeal of the long-standing bipartisan Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer dollars from paying for abortion through Medicaid.

While March for Life Action is non-partisan like its sister organization, the sad reality is that the Democratic Presidential Candidate and Democratic Platform are extreme and out of touch with mainstream America.

>>>> ICYMI, check out my op-ed in the Daily Caller on the Democrat Party’s Radical New Abortion Stance.

Here’s where March for Life Action comes in.

We have a very exciting project to share with you very soon, but we are asking that you would help us first by following March for Life Action on social media and asking your friends to do so also.

We are grateful for this new opportunity to expand our cultural influence more directly into the policy arena. And we are excited to amplify YOUR voice on the most pressing issue of our time, the inherent dignity and goodness of life, not only as we march up Constitution Avenue every January, but moreover, every day of the year.

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