Unplanned: What She Saw Changed Everything


Picture this:

A pregnant 19-year-old is lying on a cold operating table when a very pregnant nurse walks into the room to commit the abortion.

A Planned Parenthood employee of eight years with a track record of directing one of the most efficient abortion clinics in the country wins employee of the year.

From the pro-life perspective, these scenarios seem like lost causes – what are the odds that either woman escapes the abortion industry?

But just when hope seemed spent, the quietest voices spoke the loudest.

One Saturday, Planned Parenthood’s rising star, Abby Johnson, watched a 13-week old baby fight and struggle for his life in the womb during an abortion procedure, and she was shaken to her core. She quit her job and the abortion industry a few weeks later, never to return.

After Abby left the abortion industry, she became passionately active in the pro-life movement, founding a ministry called And Then There Were None. ATWN seeks to love abortion clinic workers out of the industry and into a place of healing. They have already helped over 500 workers leave the grips of the abortion industry.

Abby’s story has continued to inspire the world. So much so that when the film producer, Chuck Konzelman, read Abby’s autobiography he knew that it needed to come alive on screen.

When looking for an actress to carry the responsibility of playing Abby in the upcoming movie, “Unplanned”, the directors chose Ashley Bratcher. After a quick phone call, Ashely accepted and headed down to Oklahoma for filming 5 hours later.

Ashley was already a few days into shooting when her mother called. Ashley hesitated to share the news of her latest role because she knew her mom had an abortion when she was young.  Ashley proceeded to carefully tell her mom about the role, explaining that the movie is not demeaning but about mercy, when her mom bursts into sobs.

“I need to tell you something I never told you before,” her mom cried into the phone. “When I was 19, I went to have an abortion with you…I was in the clinic, on the table, and the nurse was very pregnant…I got really sick to my stomach and I knew I couldn’t do it. And I got up, and I walked out, and I chose you.”

Ashley was completely stunned. She had no idea how close she came to being an abortion victim.

When there was no hope left, Ashley, the littlest, most vulnerable person in the room, spoke loud enough for her mother to hear. At the last moment, her mother’s heart was moved with love for her unborn daughter, and she chose life. Similarly, when witnessing an abortion, Abby’s heart heard the unborn baby’s silent scream, and she was overcome with compassion for him. Both of these unborn baby’s tiny voices were the loudest in the room.

The 13-week old unborn baby who opened Abby’s eyes to the truth of abortion isn’t on screen for more than a few moments. But in those moments you too will hear his voice; you will hear in your heart in the same question Abby heard: “Am I not a human being?”

Unplanned hits theaters everywhere this Friday, March 29th. Tickets are available at unplannedfilm.com.

The March for Life team is grateful to have seen a pre-showing of the film, and we can attest that it has the power to change hearts and minds. We hope you will bring many friends and family with you to see this inspiring film!


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