WATCH: Inspiration for Pro-Life Students


With Labor Day right around the corner, if you’re a college or high school student, it’s likely that you’re already back at school, or will be soon.

Goodbye, summer; hello, new school year.

Starting a new school year always presents new challenges and opportunities, especially if you’re a pro-life student. That being said, are you looking for some inspiration?

WATCH Katrina Gallic address her fellow students at the 2017 March for Life –>

She goes on to share:

“Our battle begins where we have the most influence – within our own hearts. The pro-life battle begins with the daily decision to live by the truth that every life in every stage is beautiful; dignified, and demands our love and our protection.

There will be times when we are ridiculed and rejected for standing for life. But we should never cower!

We can stare into the face of this injustice and have hope, for we know we fight for the truth.”

Whether you are a student, or not, we can all agree with Katrina’s final remark –

“We all look forward to the day when we will return to our nation’s capital not to march against the evil and injustice of abortion, but to celebrate victory of a new culture of life!”

Now let’s get to work spreading the message of respect for life to all those around us!

>>>> Watch the full clip of University of Mary student Katrina Gallic’s 2017 March for Life speech below ->

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