56 Days of Life: #Plan B from Outer Space

If you have not seen the videos from Students for Life exposing the nonchalance of some pharmacists over distributing Plan B to minors, it is a horrendous condemnation of our culture. 

In the “Expose Plan B” campaign which depicts an older man (played by Erik Whittington, Director of Rock for Life) buying Plan B and asking the pharmacists and store clerks how to insert the drug into his girlfriend’s drink because she doesn’t want to take it. In other scenes, his girlfriend, a minor (played by Ashton, a 15 year old volunteer with SFLA), is with him and saying she doesn’t want to take it but he buys and says he will make her take it – all in front of the store employees.

To help raise awareness of the dangers of the Obama Administrations plan allowing the distribution of Plan B to minors Students for Life is having a Tweetarama called “Expose #PlanB Tweetfest.”

Is Plan B, which can act as an abortifacient, dangerous to minor girls?  Actually it has been proven dangerous to women of all ages.  When the decision to allow Plan B over the counter for adults was first being discussed, the Family Research Council highlighted how Plan B given without a doctor’s assistance could lead to dangerous complications for women taking the drug:

Birth control pills, which are essentially a lower dose regimen of Plan B, require a prescription. They are not available OTC. They require an appointment with a licensed clinician to determine contraindications, obtain a prescription, and provide for medical oversight throughout the usage period.


“Birth control pills are available by prescription only for sound medicalreasons: They can cause significant or life-threatening conditions such as blood clots and heart attacks. Birth control pills are contraindicated for women with diabetes, liver problems, heart disease, breast cancer, deep vein thrombosis, and for women who smoke and are over 35. A medical exam is necessary to ensure that none of these contraindications exists. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1.85 million women of reproductive age (18-44) have diabetes; approximately 500,000 do not know that they have the disease.”


In addition, Plan B has been linked by the World Health Organization as increasing the risks of an ectopic pregnancy.  And while the other side likes to say how Plan B is supposed to help reduce abortions, both STD rates and abortions have skyrocketed in places that have deregulated the drug.  And as for it being “emergency” contraception, a study earlier this year exposed that lie when it found that here in the U.S., STD rates have shot up since Plan B has been approved for over the counter use, and that more and more women seem to be using it as their MAIN source of contraception.


What Students for Life is valiantly doing is exposing the predatory risks of over the counter Plan B.  As Bethany Mandel points out in Commentary Magazine, President Obama’s maneuvering has led to the possibilities of more young girls being sacrificed at the altar of the pro-abortion movement:


Previously, any teen under the age of 17 had to get a prescription to obtain the drug, which, taken up to 72 hours after intercourse, greatly lowers the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy. The reasoning behind the previous ruling was the hope that medical professionals would ensure that 14-year olds having intercourse were doing so with due care and legally (i.e. not as victims of statutory or forcible rape). According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), a left-leaning policy organization with strong ties to Planned Parenthood:


Concerns about statutory rape are particularly acute in regard to the youngest adolescents. Although relatively small proportions of 13-14-year-olds have had intercourse, those who become sexually active at an early age are especially likely to have experienced coercive sex: Seventy-four percent of women who had intercourse before age 14 and 60% of those who had sex before age 15 report having had a forced sexual experience. As policymakers and the public have become increasingly aware that the sexual partners of minor adolescent women are often not adolescents themselves but men 3-6 years older, concern has grown that protective measures, in the form of increasing enforcement of statutory rape laws, are necessary to guard these young women from abuse and exploitation.


With the Obama administration’s decision to provide access to Plan B to these young women, one outside barrier between a child and victimization has disappeared. 


Help join Students for Life to Expose #PlanB.


*Jeanne Monahan, President of the March for Life, has been vocal on this issue throughout the past year:

  • Interview with Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News.
  • Washington Post article, “Morning-after pill ruling reanimates debate.”
  • Google HangOut hosted by HuffPostLive.


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