March for Life 2015: Why We March


Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon flock to Washington, D.C. to advocate for life at the 2015 March for Life.  While we truly believe that the tide is turning in the direction of the pro-life cause, the reasons we march are as pressing as ever.

Social media is a powerful medium to reveal the truth about abortion. Social media not only unifies countless and various pro-life voices who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come together, but it also allows for extraordinary images and facts to be shared with large numbers of pro-life advocates in a very short time-span.

Throughout this Sanctity of Life Month and leading up to the March for Life on the 22nd, we encourage pro-lifers to upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #WhyWeMarch and the reason you’d like to share why we march for life on January 22nd. We’ll select 20 of our favorite photos to be a featured in March for Life video!  You can participate even if you’re not attending the march in Washington, D.C. because building a culture of life is a unified effort that we are all in together!



The 2015 March for Life Theme is “Every Life is a Gift.” We’d love to see your Why We March pictures that incorporate our theme!  You can read more about the theme HERE and HERE.

Be sure to visit our website for a gallery of your pictures.  Get your cameras and your markers ready, and go tell the world why we march for life!

If you need any inspiration, check out our Facebook album of #WhyWeMarch pictures from 2014, and highlights from social media!

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