Why We Love Our Moms


Thank you for sharing these beautiful tributes for Mother’s Day 2016!

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colettestarasinich My mom has given me and my family everything we have wanted and more. She is sweet, loving, caring, and holy.

fem_atticusfinch My mother is my everything, she gives me hope when I have none, she points me to the Lord everyday, she is everything I aspire to be!

the_extraordinary_everetts I love my mom because she has the strength and courage to raise me and my six other siblings. Mom you are an amazing role model for me! Love you????

mary_leslie_I love my mom because after changing thousands of diapers, countless hours spent driving us everywhere, all those times she held our hair back when we were sick or laid down with us when we were afraid of the dark, the year my dad got cancer and we ran out of money and all the school projects she’s helped with, after all the tears of joy and of pain she has shared with us, she has managed to remain the most steadfast light and love in mine and my 7 siblings’ lives. She has always been the strongest, most inspiring woman in my life, and I would be grateful to ever become half the woman that she is…

Elaine Almond I lost my mother when I was 14 years old and I have missed her everyday since then. She was the most kind, caring and loving human being I have ever met!! I wish with all my heart that my children and grandchildren could have known her love and kindness. I know she is looking down and watching over all of us. Love and miss you so much Mom!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Brenda Commisso Farrance My mom succumbed to liver and pancreatic cancer in 2011 at the age of 75. She was a loving and caring woman and was a devoted Christian. I could not have asked for a better mother and wish I could be half as wonderful as she was. I try my best to be a great mom and grandmother as she was but know that I could never fill her shoes.

Nancy Taylor My mom was a true force of nature! Such a great lady, and I miss her every day.

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