Dads Make A Difference


Dads make a big difference in life.  We know this if we have been blessed by a father who has impacted our life for the better, as well as if we have missed out on a having a father figure in our life.  What’s more, research clearly shows how dads matter – the National Fatherhood Initiative has numerous studies on the “father factor” in children’s lives.

Fathers-to-be also hold a uniquely influential position.  When a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the father of the child plays a key role in the woman’s decision to keep or abort her baby.  In Focus on the Family’s recent movie debut, Irreplaceable, author Frederica Matthewes-Green emphasizes the significance of the father of a child saying to his pregnant partner – “I love you, I want to marry you, I want to raise this child.”

Unfortunately, “in 95% of cases, men play a central role in the decision to abort according to a survey of women at abortion clinics,” according to Pro-Life Men of America.

Entrepreneur and speaker Justin Blaney found himself in this position as a 17 year-old many years ago – he and his girlfriend found out they were pregnant.  However, as Justin explains in the interview below, he did not think twice about supporting his girlfriend (they got married) and giving life to his child.  While Justin readily admits he was going down the wrong path in life and made many mistakes, his example is one to learn from and shows the positive influence a father can have.  When asked to give advice to other young men who may find themselves in a similar situation, he has some encouraging words: “You have an opportunity to change your life for the better…take that opportunity and rise to the occasion.  Generations to come after you that will be impacted by your decision… Don’t give up – choose what’s right.”

Justin also reminds us that, if you’ve made the wrong decision – there is hope.  God can turn lives around.  We’re thankful for his witness for life and his encouragement to men and fathers everywhere.  Watch his full interview called, “The Story of a Teenage Dad.”


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