Project Rachel: Post-Abortion Ministry


Guest Blog Post: Mary McClusky

“I felt I’d committed the unforgivable sin.”

Project Rachel Logo Final 10 beads ColorSo many women with abortion in their past have said things like this. They may often feel deep shame, regret, loss, or despair.  The good news is that hope and healing is available to all who have suffered from abortion.

Project Rachel Ministry is the Catholic Church’s diocesan-based ministry to those suffering in the aftermath of abortion. The nationwide ministry helps mothers, fathers, family members, friends, and people of faith or no faith who seek compassionate, non-judgmental help. Priests, religious, counselors, and laypeople provide a team response of care that can help to heal those wounded by abortion.

Abortion’s impact is extensive and the need for help is great. About 35 million women have lost one or more children to abortion. In addition, a roughly equal number of men have fathered a child who was then aborted. The grandparents of the deceased child or other family members or friends are often involved.

As pro-life people, we should be aware that we will almost always be near those who have been involved in abortion. By listening to the stories of those wounded by abortion and expressing sorrow for their loss, we can witness to their child’s life and affirm their right to grieve. We should take special care to use words of love and mercy, rather than judgment and condemnation. And we should always be ready to mention the help that is available.

Project Rachel Ministry offers help for all who seek God’s mercy, healing and love. If you or someone you know is suffering after abortion and needs to find local help, or for more information, visit or

Mary McClusky is the Assistant Director for Project Rachel Ministry Development at the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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