84 Days of Life: Everything is bigger in Texas, including Planned Parenthood’s lies

Who can forget the drama this past summer when Democratic Texas State Senator (and now gubernatorial candidate) Wendy Davis “filibustered” against legislation that she and her out-of-state friends argued would oppress women and throw us back into the dark ages.   The nefarious legislation in question basically did three things:

  1. Prohibited abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy
  2. Required abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital; and
  3. Required abortionists administer abortion medications only as the original FDA label instructs.

During her 11-hour speech on the Texas Senate floor not once did Senator Davis explain to the masses, either the praying pro-lifers or her followers (some of whom carried jars of urine) how ensuring that women have not only the guidance of a doctor but also the benefits of a fully staff hospital, “endangers women”.

After a lengthy and publicized legislative fight, the law passed in July and was signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry (R). In September abortion giant Planned Parenthood and their ilk filed a lawsuit challenging the provisions mentioned above. For them, the judge’s ruling came in the nick of time – just a day before the new regulations would have taken effect.

Sen. Davis’ friends from out of state appreciated her defiance of this women-protecting legislation and both encouraged her to run for Governor as well as raised her millions of dollars to do so.  Her opponent in that race, current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, opposes the judge’s decision and plans on fighting it in higher courts.

However the question remains, does Planned Parenthood’s actions in Texas make women safer?

On the question of abortion medications the answer seems to be a resounding NO.  Americans United for Life has written about the off label use of abortion drugs, specifically RU-486.  Their findings found at least eight women who have died after an abortionist prescribed them the drug RU-486, also known as Mifeprex.  The drug Mifeprex is normally used to treat severe bacterial infections.  Even more women needed to be further treated after taking the drug.  The author of the AUL piece, Mailee Smith, goes on to decimate a study that Planned Parenthood had been touting as “full of flaws.”

On the facility regulations from a pro-life perspective they do seem to work around the nation as more and more abortion facilities would rather close then to actually have to monitor for any more butchers like Kermit Gosnell.   Texas Alliance for Life (H/T LifeNews), on the same day as the judge’s ruling, released their findings from numerous state inspection reports of abortuaries.  What they found should surprise no one:

“Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood want the public to believe that abortion facilities are safe for women. A rusty suction machine, faulty sterilizing fluid, a faulty sterilization machine, holes in the floor exposing the facility to rodents, expired and unlabeled medication, and absent or poorly trained nursing staff contradict the abortion industry’s rhetoric,” said Joe Pojman, Ph.D., executive director of Texas Alliance for Life. “No woman should be exposed to such horrendous conditions. Women deserve better.”

The evidence grows more and more that Kermit Gosnell seems less an aberration, as Planned Parenthood would like to claim, and more the norm.  As long as organizations that profit from this misery fight against every regulation or legislation that might even remotely hurt their bottom line, it will not just be children being killed by the abortion industry, but mothers as well.  

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