Moms, We Salute You


Guest blog post by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center
(@AndrewHWood & @KnoxvilleHope)

I see you. I understand you. I respect you. Your work does not go unnoticed. We set aside one day a year to honor you, but this one day never does you justice. You are an American treasure…truly a beacon of light in this dark and broken world.

You are there for your child through it all. You are the one we run to when we are scared, hurt, afraid, or alone. You provide the shoulder to cry on when the world around us doesn’t make sense. You provide the discipline needed to keep us in line and the mercy and grace needed to bring us back in.

Your love is shown in countless ways. You have sacrificed so that we may achieve our hopes and dreams. You have gone hungry so that we may be full. You have worn rags so that we may be impressively clothed. You have stood in the shadows so that we may shine. You have lost sleep so that we may find rest.

Moms, you are truly not appreciated enough. You have faced untimely and unplanned situations and stood strong as you carried us in your womb. You have faced ridicule and shame from an unkind populous as society tells you what you can and cannot have. You have looked the neighbor in the eye to boldly proclaim that you can have your baby and your dreams!

You have proven so many wrong as you accomplished so much. You didn’t spend your time seeking accolades or approval. You, instead, calmly and gently became a mommy – a mommy that can be bold when her child is mistreated, comforting when her child is hurt, and thoughtful when her child is lost. You are the constant that we need and cherish.

The love we have for you is difficult to put into words. You have wiped our bottoms, cleaned our messes, and held our head when we could not hold it up any longer. We have gotten you sick, ruined your clothes, and destroyed your vehicle. This, however, didn’t change your love for us. Your sickness didn’t stop you from holding our hand, your ruined clothes didn’t stop you from attending our game or recital, and your destroyed vehicle never ended your constant chauffeuring.

Our neighborhoods, cities, towns, states, and country are better because you get up every day. We fail to tell you enough, but we love you. We appreciate your sacrificial and unconditional love for us. We are thankful God chose you out of every woman in the world to be our mom. I know we do not always show it or say it, but know that you are cherished yesterday, today, and forever. You are a gift from above and an undeserved blessing. We are not sure how or why God chose us to have you, but we are grateful to know He did!

From all of us here at HOPE and from every child that has been impacted, loved, and saved by you…Happy Mother’s Day!

>>>> Tune into the March for Life Instagram page on Wednesday for a guest takeover by Andrew and the Hope Resource Center team!


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