This Tax Day Let’s Get Planned Parenthood Off of the Federal Dole

Today is April 15th.  It is a day of infamies.  On this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln died, succumbing to gunshot wounds from the night before.   In 1912 the “unsinkable” ship Titanic sank after striking an iceberg, killing between 1,490 and 1,635 people.  Lastly, of course, it is Tax Day (okay those comparisons might be a bit overdramatic.)


Most reasonable people understand in a democracy that taxes are necessary to help pay for services that fall under the government’s purview.  Unfortunately over time those same reasonable people would agree that the federal government has grown out of control.  While taxpayers do their duty and submit their taxes every April 15th the federal government continues to misuse that money by spending it on shrimp treadmills, monkey houses and subsidizing the billion dollar abortion industry (man, my analogies really need some work).  


Most of that blood money goes to the abortion giant Planned Parenthood.  The abortion company and its defenders try to say that Planned Parenthood is there to aid and assist in the health care of women when in fact their most recent annual report (broken down by Susan B. Anthony List) admits that in 2012, abortions made up 93.8% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 5.6% (19,506) and 0.6% (2,197), respectively. For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 149 abortions.  Prenatal care services have dropped 32% in one year, and 52% since 2009. Adoption referrals are also down 4.5% in one year.


The killing of unborn babies has been very profitable for Planned Parenthood.  During fiscal year 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood reported $58.2 million in excess revenue, and more than $1.3 billion in net assets. Planned Parenthood reported receiving $540.6 million in taxpayer funding, or nearly $1.5 million per day.


All of this money goes to Planned Parenthood despite that the organization was found civilly liable in Arizona for failure to report statutory rape. They have violated statutory rape reporting laws in Indiana and California. Planned Parenthood instructed a girl in Tennessee to lie about her age so she could get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge.  In California, Washington, New Jersey, and New York, Planned Parenthood clinics have been accused of fraudulent accounting or overbilling practices.  Thanks to the work of LiveAction undercover videos have shown Planned Parenthood employees doing various nefarious activities including apparently willing to aid human sex traffickers by coaching them on how to falsify documents and secure secret abortions for their underage prostitutes.


Under Obamacare that money is expected to increase, despite an ongoing Government Accounting Office investigation.  On top of the numerous slush funds the National Right to Life has also found that “Based on the number of persons who had enrolled in ObamaCare as of March 1, at least $5 billion in federal tax subsidies will be available to help purchase health plans that cover elective abortion, with the figure sure to increase as additional millions of Americans enroll.”


Planned Parenthood’s defenders are quick to cite rules prohibiting federal taxpayer funding for abortion, this fails to account for the fungibility of money. The receipt of conditioned taxpayer funds allows for increased spending in areas outside of the abortion restrictions. Simply put, federal funding of Planned Parenthood does not decrease abortion, it increases it.


Nobody is saying that Planned Parenthood cannot continue to be the largest abortion provider in America, but why do millions of taxpayers have to pay for it?


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