I March for those who can’t


This year hundreds of thousands came to the March for Life despite a government shutdown and impending snow storm. We asked our pro-life marchers why they came, here’s what they said…



Jennifer: In 1968, I was eighteen, unmarried, and pregnant. My friends urged me to have an abortion. I never once thought about doing it. I thank God every day for my son. Turns out that after the birth of my son, I was never able to have children. The only reason my son was born, the doctor said, is that I was young. If I would have had an abortion, I would have missed the most wonderful part of my life: motherhood. He is a wonderful person and has contributed much to the world. He might never have been born, and I would have regretted that decision the rest of my life. We don’t know what the future may bring. Like me, you may only get one chance.




Andres: I march because, as a veteran of 20 years with the US Navy, and as what real true men do, I defend the weak and the voiceless.


Kathy: I March because I want others to know how grateful I am for the life that I have and how important it is for everyone to be given that same opportunity to be born and have the life that God intended for them. I March for those who can’t because they are not here but should have been. I March to let mothers know that so many of us care deeply and are here to help! Whatever she needs to give her baby life!



Laura: We march so that our daughter always knows she had the right to live! Our family video is on YouTube here is the link!


Samuel: The March for Life offers to all the participants to unite as one in the most grand peaceful demonstration to express our determination and longing to see the end of abortion. We are all so motivated, inspired and exhilarated find ourselves in the midst of the immense throng of like-minded people.



Why do you march for life? Share why you march at whywemarch.org and by using #whywemarch.

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