Student’s Guide for Participating in the March for Life


Get ready to make thousands of new friends with your fellow pro-life students! We want to make sure that you have a meaningful March for Life experience, and that we are a unified movement to impact our friends, culture, and our representatives in government.

Below are a few tips!

  1. Connect with the March for Life
    • Follow us on social media – this is the best way to stay connected and engaged with what’s happening.
    • Download the 2017 March for Life app – great guide with content and information on the March for Life and pro-life activism – perfect for a long bus ride! The app is available for Apple and Android devices. Text MFL2017 to 99-000 to get the download link.
  2. Hashtags
    • We want our friends, family, and the world to know why we are marching.
    • Our primary hashtag is #WhyWeMarch. Use this in all your posts, and share why you are marching.
    • On Instagram, you can also use #marchforlife, #prolife, #prolifegen, #standforlife, #powerofone #prolifeprowoman, or perhaps your group has a specific hashtag – be creative!
    • All of your #whywemarch and #marchforlife posts will be compiled at
    • This is how we change our culture, with the truth and love of our advocacy.
  3. Pictures and videos
    • You can be a “citizen journalist” at the March for Life – upload your pictures and videos with #whywemarch to show the truth of the beauty –and size of the crowd! – at the March for Life.
    • Tag your local news station on Twitter/Facebook, or national news stations as well.
    • Post a video or email to of you or your group sharing #WhyWeMarch.
  4. Facebook Live
    • This is a new tool that allows Facebook users to livestream events, and these videos reach a much larger group of people than regular Facebook posts – this is a great opportunity to show the truth of the March for Life!
  5. Pro-life policy
    • Now more than ever, it is important that our lawmakers hear from pro-life Americans – especially young people! In addition to social media messages, we need every March for Life participant to send a message to their Congressman and Senators asking them to prioritize pro-life policies in the new Congress.
    • Simply text MARCH4LIFE to 99-000 and you’ll receive a text back with a link to send a quick pro-life message to your lawmakers.
  6. Other random tips
    • Consider wearing gloves that have screen sensitive finger tips!
    • Bring an extra battery charger for your devices!
    • Don’t forget your pro-life signs!

The March for Life is an incredible experience, and we know that you will be inspired and encouraged in your pro-life convictions. Our theme this year is “the power of one.” Your voice can make a difference, during the March for Life and throughout the year.

Together, we can change our culture for life!

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