The NYT shouldn’t get away with this

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By: Jeanne Mancini
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The NYT shouldn’t get away with this

A recent opinion article in the New York Times titled “The Sound of Silence on Abortion” caught my attention. For a moment, I was hopeful that the author was calling for a more robust conversation surrounding the topic of abortion in our country, something that we can all agree is needed.

However, I was deeply surprised and troubled when the article went on to directly threaten business owners and call for major corporations to pull out of Texas. Why? Because Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed a pro-life Fetal Heartbeat Bill into law.

This is an intimidation tactic by the pro-abortion media to keep pro-life Americans silent on this most critical issue.

But we can’t and won’t be bullied into silence on the most horrific human rights abuse of our time, abortion.

I believe that now more than ever we must stand up with courage, confidence, and peace for our littlest brother and sisters! Your presence, standing for truth and justice on behalf of the unborn in the public square is desperately needed.

In some small way, the author of the New York Times got it right – no one should be silent or apathetic about abortion. As the largest human rights abuse of our time, this cause deserves our unwavering support and attention.

That is where the public witness of the March for Life, for almost fifty years in Washington D.C., and across the country as we expand our State March program, proves the media wrong; pro-life America will not be intimidated into silence.

With your support, we can show the world just how many millions of Americans support life. Will you join us?



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