42 Days for Life: What to do with a bored Member of Congress?

It’s January 22, it is cold outside, it is the 41st anniversary of the horrific Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion and you are an elected Member of Congress.  Instead of staying indoors writing thank you notes to Santa for all the presents he brought here are some ideas for how pro-life elected officials can participate (and if by chance you are not an elected official please forward this to one):

March for Life suggestions for Hill Offices


Connecting the hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists who come to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life with their Members of Congress has been a strategic goal of the movement since the first March in 1974.  These Marchers come from every state and represent the growing pro-life majority in the United States.  More importantly, many of the Marchers are young and this is their first exposure to the federal government, and their first experience with the pro-life movement.  Making a connection with these students is investing in our country’s future.

  • Record a video or write a blog post or an op-ed on the issue of life
    • The theme for the 2014 March is adoption; however, the theme should not be a limit.  Talk of your accomplishments on the pro-life issue, any aspect of it.  Personal stories are always a good way to connect.
    • We are also encouraging videos and op-eds on the topic of “Why We March” to explain the history behind the March, and what 41 years of Roe v Wade looks like.
    • For an op-ed,  you might even want to look to co-author a piece with the head of a pro-life organization
    • The March for Life will host your message on our website, and we will use all our resources (Twitter, Blog, Facebook, etc.) to share your message with our activists.  For further information, or to send a video, please contact bethanygoodman@marchforlife.org.


  • Host a reception for Marchers from your state.
    • If you are from a state east of the Mississippi, it is likely that a large contingent of the marchers are from your home state.  When it comes to constituent contacts, nothing beats face to face meetings over hot chocolate after a cold march!


  • Volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center (PRC) in your state/district.
    • The 2014 March is a work week at home for the House of Representatives.  By drawing positive attention to a PRC that assists pregnant women in need, you can have a long term effect on the organization by raising its profile, which in turn, helps  the PRC with donations.


  • Go the House or Senate Floor to speak on the issue of life; participate in a Special Order.
    • At any given time, over a million people can be watching C-SPAN.  If you would fly a hundred miles to speak to 100 people, would you walk across the street to speak on the Floor about the life issue?  For more information, please contact the Pro-life Caucus staff.


  • Tweet a message on life; post a pro-life story on Facebook.
    • Social media is how many Marchers connect with each other.  We will share your postings and encourage further sharing and retweets.  Please tweet with the hashtag: #marchforlife.


  • Most importantly, support pro-life legislation and insist they get voted on.
    • Actions speak louder than words.  If you are not sponsoring pro-life legislation please do so – and also ask Congressional Leadership to schedule votes on pro-life legislation.

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