The Power of Social Media

It is no secret that the pro-life stance is not looked at favorably by the main stream media. Consider simply the fact that most outlets require reporters to never use terms such as “pro-life” but rather use the negative language of “anti-abortion rights.”

Along those lines, it is equally no secret to pro-life advocates that the case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is on trial for the murder of one woman and 7 newborns, has been, until very recently, almost completely ignored by the mainstream, secular media.

When such critical, newsworthy issues are overlooked by the major media outlets, it is tempting to experience discouragement and even to want to give up the fight, considering that so much is working against life.  And here is where the good, empowering news comes in.  Thanks to social media, we can all have a voice to bring attention to issues such as these. This past Friday, rather than waste time complaining about the lack of coverage, pro-lifers came together last Friday to pro-actively participate in an incredibly successful “TweetFest” to raise awareness about Gosnell and his abortion shop of horrors.  

Throughout the entire day, twitter feeds were inundated with #Gosnell, twitter users continually asked  journalists and networks, “who is #Gosnell?” and facebook news feeds were full of articles about the lives lost at the “house of horrors”.

TweetFest worked: Anderson Cooper ran a story on Gosnell, journalists apologized for not covering the case, and minds were changed. Read the following powerful text, a fruit of the flurry of pro-life social media activity that day, @devyyyb tweeted:  “The #Gosnell case turned me from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life. So so so disturbing and tragic. Praying for everyone involved.”

Yet, despite the success of Friday’s TweetFest, the climb uphill remains long and arduous. In particular, it is vitally important to continue to spread the word about Gosnell. Tomorrow, Wednesday April 17, consider participating in TweetFest Round 2. For more information on facebook memes and tweets, see: here. Continue to engage social media, not just during TweetFest, but every day!  We must draw attention to this horrific human rights abuse, and the reality of abortion on demand in the United States.

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