82 Days of Life: Want to Read a Scary Halloween Story? Check Out the Obama Anti-Conscience Mandate

As much of the debate in DC the last few weeks has been either focused on the disastrous roll out of the health care law commonly known as Obamacare or instead on Conservative efforts of defunding said law.   One thing that has not been getting the attention it deserves is the un-Constitutional mandate that the law allows in relation to conscience.  The anti-conscience mandate within Obamacare forces employees to provide coverage for abortifacients and contraceptives on unwilling employers. Many employers—religious, secular, nonprofit, and for-profit—believe it violates the free exercise of their faith to comply with this mandate.

Even before Obamacare’s official debut (or sort of debut because supposedly it is delayed some more according to some sources, but not really.  I guess we will leave it up to the IRS to figure that out) there were companies and individuals being adversely affected by the Obama mandate against conscience.  These are real people, who employ a lot of individuals.  All of whom are being forced to decide between their deeply held principles or their livelihood – all in the name of the Obama administration and their allies drive to force everyone to subsidize their fascination with condoms and abortion.

There are currently 75 cases and over 200 plaintiffs.  Here are some of their stories.

One affected company is the American Manufacturing Company (AMC) based in St. Josephs, Minnesota.   AMC is owned by Gregory Hall, a Roman Catholic Deacon and opposes devices or medications that purposefully end innocent human life.  His company manufactures and markets mining equipment, mud pumps and parts, for distribution worldwide.  AMC came to international renown after the Copiago mining accident in Chile in October, 2010.  It was Deacon Hall and his company that assisted in the successful design and implementation of the plan which aided in the successful rescue of thirty-three trapped Chilean miners.  Prior to the crushing mandate Deacon Hall made it a point to make sure his medical plans did not violate the religious beliefs of him and many of his employees.  Now that President Obama is trying to force him to ignore those principles and to include contraception, sterilization and abortifacients in his company medical plans or face financial ruin due to steep government penalties. 

Another company under the mandate’s boot heels is Grote Industries, based in southern Indiana.  Grote Industries was founded in 1901 and has been a family owned business throughout its long existence.  The Grote family seeks to run their business in accordance with their faith and the company’s website clearly states “We still hold firm to the family values and work ethics set forth by our founder all those years ago.”  These are the same family values the Obama Administration is looking to crush.

You might not recognize the Grote Industries name however if you have ever driven safely in an automobile it is likely them you have to thank for it.  Grote Industry has been a pioneer in plastics and injection molding and in 1922 they produced the nation’s first injection molded plastic products.  They are seen as a leader in the industry and have earned a reputation as “the first name in vehicle safety systems.”  If the Obama Administration has its way not only will an over century owned family business need to close its doors but close to 500 full time employees will likely lose their jobs.

To read more about some of these principled companies please check out the Becket Fund’s HHS Information Central web site.  Also please contact your Member of Congress and ask them to do all they can to pass legislation that puts the principles of many over the politics of the few.


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