Tips for the 2023 March for Life

In just a few weeks, pro-life advocates from across the country will travel to Washington DC to celebrate the gift of life and march against the greatest human rights abuse of our time – abortion. As you make your preparations for the 2023 March for Life, here’s a list of tips to help you take a stand for life!

Be Prepared for Cold Weather

The streets of Washington, D.C. can be chilly in January. Check the weather forecast before you leave, but bring your warmest winter coat, no matter what! Wear layers – you can add or remove layers depending on the temperature and bring hand warmers, gloves, a hat, and waterproof boots.

Stay Connected with Your Group Members

The crowds are very large at the March for Life, so try to stay physically connected to your group as much as possible. Make sure everyone has at least one leader’s cell phone number, and inform everyone of the time and meeting place after the March is finished. Give everyone a map of the March for Life route, which you can download HERE.

Know Your Transportation Options

If you’re with a large group with planned transport, make sure everyone is informed of the meeting and pick-up locations. If you’re traveling with a small group, we recommend using public transportation. Check out the March for Life website for more travel information and tips for DC public transportation.

Check Out Other Events Throughout the Week

Make the most out of your trip to Washington DC by participating in all the pro-life events surrounding the March for Life. Find related events on the March for Life website:

Bring Signs

Be creative and let the world know why we march! Check out some of our favorite signs on Instagram for some inspiration. Even if you forget or can’t bring signs, many groups will have signs to hand out on the National Mall.

Share Your Experience

It’s important to show why we march!
During the March for Life, post pictures and videos of your experience and tag them with #WhyWeMarch and #MarchForLife! We’ll be sharing our favorite posts on social media and on!

Show Your Representative that You VOTE for Life

Traveling to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life gives the pro-life movement a unique opportunity to let our nation’s leaders know America is proudly pro-life! After the March for Life, consider visiting your representative’s office to be a voice for the unborn. Before visiting, be sure to read the official March for Life Action lobbying booklet, Capitol Hill 101.

Thank the Amazing Volunteers

The March for Life would not be possible if not for the dozens of volunteers who give their time, talents, and service to building a culture of life. We are especially grateful for the continued support and service of the Knights of Columbus. If you pass by one of our amazing volunteers, please give them a big thank you!

Stay Connected with the March for Life Year-Round

Follow the March for Life on social media.
Facebook: March for Life
Twitter: @March_for_Life
Instagram: @marchforlife 
Youtube: March for Life Education and Defense Fund

Follow March for Life Action to stay up to date on our pro-life efforts on Capitol Hill.
Facebook: March for Life Action 
Twitter: @MFLAction

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