National Baby Bump Day


Today is National Bump Day and moms-to-be are posting their pregnancy pictures on social media to celebrate their “baby bumps.” We love it! Every life is a miracle and being a mother is a tremendous blessing. Check out some of the sweet pictures we’ve compiled below!

MFL_MEMES_APR21(3)-04The advocacy day is an effort to help raise awareness about the need for maternal health care worldwide and is a joint effort among maternal health organizations. It’s organized by the What to Expect Foundation, the brand behind the popular and widely read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” guide.

Conspicuously absent from the awareness campaign are abortion advocacy groups, like Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider, and NARAL Pro-Choice America, the group credited with making abortion legal in the early 1970s. Although these groups tout themselves as leaders in women’s health issues, the health of pregnant women seems to be less of a priority judging by their absence in the Bump Campaign.

I guess it isn’t surprising considering that Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the entire abortion industry refuse to acknowledge what is obvious to our culture – an unborn baby is a human being. And at the March for Life, we know that every life is a gift and that every person possesses inherent dignity.

We don’t know the opinions on abortion of every woman posting a #babybump picture today, but everyone can agree about the love they feel and display for their growing baby.

National Bump Day illustrates the contradictory and even outright discriminatory nature of abortion. Our culture says that a wanted baby is one that deserves protection and that every health precaution should be taken to protect his or her life. But what if the baby is unplanned or unwanted? Sadly, instead of providing support for the mother to help carry the baby to term and possibly choose adoption or find other resources necessary to provide for that precious person within her, groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood actively advocate that a woman has the moral right to “eliminate” the pregnancy, just because she wants to. At least that’s how NARAL and the abortion lobby have tried to indoctrinate our society.

The President of NARAL, Ilyse Hogue, is a prime example of this mindset. At the Democrat Convention last week, Hogue spoke passionately about the abortion she had before she wanted children in her life, as well as the children she had later in life when she was ready for a family. The abortion worldview is about “making decisions that are best for us” versus seeing every life as a gift and pregnancy as a blessing and beautiful responsibility.

>>>> During the Super Bowl, NARAL complained that a commercial showing an ultrasound was “humanizing” a fetus.

It’s wonderful to see social media efforts like National Bump Day because they draw attention to the inherent truth that pregnant women are caring for new life in the womb. Their bodies aren’t displaying a “bump” because of a “clump of cells” but rather because miraculously, a unique human being is growing and developing inside his or her mother’s body. Every bump, planned or unplanned, is the beginning of new life. And for that, each one should be supported and celebrated.

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