The March for Life continues to be a leader in the pro-life community and it is our goal to continue fight and inform the public on how we can overturn Roe v. Wade. Our job is not done until the voiceless have a voice that is heard. Realizing that no sound action can grow out of a vacuum of purpose, in 1974 the March for Life formulated and included in its charter of incorporation. Purposefully, the Life Principles are not framed in the negative tone of “thou shalt not,” and are framed in the positive tone of duty and responsibility of each human being and of society.

The Life Principles


Knowing that no sound action can grow out of a vacuum of purpose, March for Life formulated the Life Principles as a forthright, comprehensive statement of the position motivating the pro-life movement. These Life Principles serve as the basis for pro-life moral and legal theory by which the American people can overturn Roe v. Wade.  Click HERE to read the Life Principles.

Reasons for Hope

March For Life 2014

2015 will mark 42 years since the Supreme Court invalidated all 50 state abortion laws in Roe v. Wade. The pro-life movement has made tremendous strides to educate the American people on the gift of life. Although there is much more to do, there are many reasons that pro-lifers must have hope! Click HERE to read the Reasons for Hope!

Adoption: A Noble Decision

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The March for Life’s 2014 theme was “Adoption: A Noble Decision.”  In the United States, tragically 1.21 million Americans are aborted annually whereas only 20,000 infants are adopted.  This means that for every 1 infant that is adopted into a loving family in the U.S., another 61 babies are not given the chance for life.  Read more about adoption.