98 Days of Life: Aubies Celebrate a LifeLine That Can Inspire Us All

As we countdown until the 2014 March for Life I thought I would try to post once a day an inspiring story, an interesting (to me at least) fact or just a random pro-life message, and to start out is one that came across my inbox this past weekend.


In a story just starting to go around pro-life circles Auburn University over the weekend elected an inspiring young woman to be their Homecoming Queen.  Molly Ann Dutton is not only a motivator due to her seemingly sunny disposition and can do attitude.  Molly’s inspiring story begins before she was even born.  Yellow Hammer News has more:


A couple of decades ago, Dutton’s biological mother, who was living in California at the time, was the victim of a sexual assault that resulted in her becoming pregnant. She was given an ultimatum by her husband: either abort the baby, or face divorce.


Lifeline Children’s Services, a Birmingham-based Christian adoption agency, got involved and helped the woman through her courageous decision to keep the baby and put her up for adoption instead of aborting.


This past weekend, the little girl born into those tough circumstances was elected her university’s homecoming queen after running on a platform entirely devoted to adoption advocacy.


“Because that resource was made available to my mother, she decided to give birth to me,” Dutton said. “And here I am talking to you guys 22 years later.”


“Light Up LIFE” was Dutton’s slogan, the perfect summation of her campaign’s goal to spread the word that adoption can bring light into a dark situation. It took Auburn’s campus by storm.


Ms. Dutton makes a better representation of the pro-life message then any politician can hope to.  It is stories like hers that bring home the importance of being solid in our convictions.  Cases of rape and incest are “hard cases” of abortion, which is why the Family Research Council put out the pamphlet “The ‘Hard Cases’ of Abortion: A Pro-life Response.”  In it the writers conclude:


Begin Excerpt:

“When the murder of the innocent is at issue, the only ‘pro-life’ posi­tion is to insist without compromise that the murder be forbidden in every case. . .


Exceptions undermine the pro-life position. If one holds the belief that life is valuable and every person has the right to life from the moment of conception, then how can he or she say that life is not precious if it was conceived during sexual assault? Children con­ceived in rape should not be punished for the rapists’ crime. Mary Meehan writes, ‘Our commitment to equality would be radically compromised if we were to say that children’s right to life depends on the circum­stances of their conception.’


If … the principle is that only a certain human life must be legally respected, it is not much of a principle. If every abortion really is a murder of an innocent human being, how can a movement be ‘pro-life’ unless it insists that the killing be stopped, absolutely?”


God bless Molly and the student body that recognized her contributions.   To learn more about LifeLine Children’s Services, and how you can help, please check out their website.

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