3 Ways to Impact Your School for Life


As the new school year gets started, we hope each and every student will take to heart the words of Katrina Gallic at the 2017 March for Life.

“Fellow youth of America, fellow college students – this is not someone else’s problem. Indifference is not an option; ending abortion is our responsibility.”

Here are three ways you can make an impact for life on your campus this year:

  1. Stay Informed

There are many excellent resources to keep up with pro-life issues and news so you can answer objections and represent your beliefs well (you can stay in touch with the March for Life on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram).

While you may face abortion arguments from professors or teachers, it’s also important to remember that you are not alone in your pro-life beliefs.  In fact, according to Barna Group polling, 53% Millennials think abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. Millennials and post-millennials are increasingly a pro-life generation, so the odds are that many of your classmates support the right to life.

Don’t be afraid to speak up with an informed and gracious voice for your pro-life beliefs!

>>>> Read more in “We are the Pro-Life Generation.”

  1. Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the pro-life moment. Check out the list of ideas on the March for Life website, such as volunteering at your local pregnancy resource center. As a student, first and foremost check to see if you have a Students for Life group on your campus – this is a great way to connect with fellow pro-life students and impact your school for life. You can also check out the great resources from Feminists for Life for college students.

Don’t have a group at your school? Consider starting one! As one pro-life student who started a pro-life group at his high school shared with us: “The tide is turning, but it falls upon you and me to ignite that flame within our communities, one heart at a time.”

>>>> “Learn more about Anthony’s story in Rams for Life: The Tide is Turning.”

Will you be that flame?

  1. Be a Friend

Perhaps most importantly, in your conversations and relationships, whether it’s with a close friend or a classmate who’s an acquaintance – strive to be the person that they would come to if they found themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Yes, it’s important to have our pro-life facts and arguments in our back pocket, but it’s infinitely more meaningful to wear our love, compassion, grace, and mercy on our sleeve. You can absolutely change the world if a pregnant friend approaches you and you let her know by your words and actions that she is loved and her baby is loved.

>>>> See how these students supported a classmate in need during an unplanned pregnancy.

Do you have other ideas or a story to tell? Drop us a message at info@marchforlife.org or on social media. Best wishes for a life-affirming school year!

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