Day One of the Kavanaugh Hearings


Today was the first day of the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it was clear that the opposition to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will do anything to stop the confirmation process.


Protestors interrupted the Senate Judiciary hearing dozens of times today and Judge Kavanaugh’s children had to be escorted out of the hearing room.

In fact, Senate Democrats were part of the partisanship with NBC reporting that “Democrats plotted a coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend and all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing.”

>>>> Please take a moment to contact your Senators urging them to support a fair process and confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court!

Despite the outrage and protests, Judge Kavanaugh proved his exceptional character and qualifications during his opening statement. He shared, “If confirmed to the Court, I would be part of a Team of Nine, committed to deciding cases according to the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Day one of the hearings has concluded, but they will reconvene on Wednesday, with Senators given the opportunity to question the nominee.

>>>> Please take a moment to contact your Senators today to support the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh will make a great justice, just like the President’s first appointment, Neil Gorsuch. He is exceptionally qualified for the role of Supreme Court justice and will no doubt serve as a fair, independent judge who will remain faithful to the Constitution.

It’s critical that every pro-life American contact their Senators in support of Judge Kavanaugh.

We will keep you updated as the hearings continue this week. Be sure to follow us on social media!

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