29 Days of Life: Twas 29 Days Before The March . . .

Every Christmas Eve as a child my siblings and I would gather around as my Dad read “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”  This tradition has been shared by many a family since Clement Clarke Moore wrote the classic poem which was first published on this day in 1823. 


And it of course would not be Christmas if I did not parody the classics:


Twas 29 Days Until The March

(With apologies to C.C. Moore, but none to Bill Saunders and Mary Novick)


It was 29 Days before the March, And all through the town

Most people had gone for Christmas, a virtual holiday “shutdown”

Like many, the holiday food was adding to my girth

As we all waited with anticipation of our Lord Savior’s birth

Here at the March it was bustling, no time for our beds

Visions of hundreds of thousands marching danced in our heads

And Jeanne at her desk, working the phone

Took a breath to be thankful, for how the March had grown

It was over 40 years ago on a cold January day

Where the Lord inspired a remarkable woman, a young Nellie Gray

“To the streets we will March” Nellie declaratively said

“To save the unborn, each and every little head!”

Decades later now – a new team had appeared

To carry on the legacy of the women pro-abortionists feared
Though with President Obama would pro-lifers lie down in defeat? . . .

Of course not, how silly, Nellie’s dream is not quite complete

After a quick search on the Internet, to find pro-lifers fates

We came to realize “Forget D.C., just look at the victories in the states”

“While Washington is stuck in shutdowns and partisan bickering

The states, at least many, were done with the dickering!”

Now, Arkansas, North Dakota, Texas and Alabama!

And North Carolina, Florida and even Indiana!

At least 97 life-affirming measures were enacted in 35 states during the past year!

Such victories should make you grin from ear to ear!


In many states it was recognized (of course!) that the unborn feel pain

And in North Dakota killing a fetus because of abnormalities would never happen again!

In Florida a child born in a botched abortion would be allowed to live and cry

This despite President Obama, who always voted for those children to die

So many women are now safer, and a few children now are too

But it is no time to rest for there is still so much to do!

So in January we March and we keep up the fight

But for now I say to you:  “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

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