Bubba Watson: Masters Champ and Adoption Advocate


MarchForLife_bubba watsonAs the famed Masters Golf Championship plays out this weekend, the spotlight will be on two-time champion, Bubba Watson, who took home the first place Green Jacket in 2012 and 2014. One of the world’s best golfers, Watson now says his life is defined by family, not golf.

Watson and his wife, Angie, embody the 2014 March for Life theme, “Adoption: A Noble Decision.” The Watsons are the adoptive parents of Caleb and Dakota. For adorable pictures of this sweet family, click HERE.

The family has also become advocates for the cause of adoption, becoming national spokespersons for the National Council for Adoption. Bubba recently spoke with Golf.com about his family. His full comments about adoption are worth reading:

“It’s been a wild journey. For many years nobody talked about adoption. I hate to say it this way, but a lot of men feel like they don’t want to adopt because it doesn’t make them feel like a man not having their own child. I’ve never felt like less of a man adopting. I look at Caleb and Dakota, and I don’t think of anything else except, God made this child in somebody else’s womb for us. There are so many beautiful kids out there who didn’t ask to be put in a certain situation; they’re just looking for love. It’s a blessing for Angie and me that these beautiful kids are now ours and we get to raise them. Winning golf tournaments is great, and I hope I can keep doing it, but I know that the most important thing I’m going to do in this lifetime is be a dad to Caleb and Dakota.”

MarchForLife_April2015_Memes13-2What a beautiful summary of the importance of adoption! We are grateful to the Watsons for their personal testimony and advocacy, as they work to change our culture’s thinking and attitudes towards adoption.

Good luck to Bubba on the greens this weekend!

>>> For information and resources on adoption, click HERE.



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