Unmasking the Equality Act

In the next few days, Congress will vote on several important nominations and bills that will lay the foundation for abortion-related legislation across the board.

Cabinet Nominations 

President Biden’s cabinet member nominees are awaiting confirmation votes by the Senate scheduled for the coming weeks. Right now, a few very problematic nominees are awaiting confirmation, including Neera Tanden for Director of Office of Management and Budget, Xavier Becerra for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Rachel Levine for U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health.

All of these positions will be directly managing laws and policies related to abortion, conscience rights, and healthcare mandates. Unfortunately, all three of these nominees are abortion-extremists who have proven through votes, actions and words that they will aggressively attack, undo and/or undermine policies that protects the most vulnerable, the unborn.

For more information on these nominees and others, visit our March for Life Action website here.

The Equality Act 

H.R. 5, otherwise known as the Equality Act, is one of the upcoming pieces of legislation that will set the tone for the Biden Administration’s abortion extremism if passed. Hidden behind a clever misnomer are policy changes that would require employers to provide abortion coverage in their healthcare packages, override conscience-rights protections for religious institutions, and consequently undo many pro-life protections currently written into law.

In this article from the Charlotte Lozier Institute which gives a deeper look at what the Equality Act means for the pro-life movement, Richard Doerflinger, M.A., summarizes the bill as such:

The “abortion as health care” campaign advanced by the Equality Act effectively defines the unborn child out of existence. It treats the child as merely a “physical condition” of the mother that health professionals are called on to address through corrective treatment. In a sense the Act also defines Americans who object to such taking of innocent human life out of existence as well, treating them as bigots who must be forced to comply with anti-discrimination policies accepted by all fair-minded citizens. The Act does not promote equality, as it further demeans vulnerable human beings who already have few rights — and denies the right of pro-life Americans, who make up about half the U.S. population, to live by their fundamental convictions. In no way should its enactment be the goal of a “presidency for all Americans.” 

To find out how you can take action against this bill and others, join March for Life president, Jeanne Mancini, tomorrow for a special #EqualityActExposed Rally with Family Policy Alliance, where she will be speaking about the anti-life aspects of this bill.



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