Marching On: Make Your Voice Heard!


Have you seen the heart-breaking news out of New York? 

Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed a law legalizing abortion up until birth in the state of New York.

The video screenshot in our tweet below shows lawmakers cheering in celebration of the passage of this legislation which will allow for the dismemberment of unborn babies in the third trimester.


This legislation had been stopped in the New York legislature for years due to pro-life state senators. However, several of those members lost their races in November.

This is a consequential reminder that as a pro-life American – your voice matters – at the local, state, and federal level.

Now that we have all been inspired at the 2019 March for Life, it’s time to turn our voices to the public square to make an impact for life.

Will you join all your voice with others around the country to send a resounding, unified message to Congress and the Administration that life must be protected?

There is a very real threat from pro-abortion lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives to remove important pro-life policies like the Hyde Amendment.

It is absolutely critical that every pro-lifer makes their voice heard to protect these pro-life policies that save lives and prevent our taxpayer dollars from paying for abortion.

The news out of New York is distressing. We must rededicate our efforts in every state, and in our nation’s capital to make an impact for the cause of life.

Lives are at stake – will you join us?

Thank you for using your voice to defend the most vulnerable among us.