Tips for First-Time March for Life Participants


The 44th annual March for Life is right around the corner, and we are hearing that lots of first-time marchers will be joining us this year! Below are a few tips to make sure you’re ready.

See you on January 27th!

  1. Be prepared for cold weather!
    • Check the weather forecast before you’ll leave, but bring your warmest winter coat, no matter what!
    • Wear layers – you can add or remove depending on the temperature.
    • Bring hot hands for pockets, gloves, or boots.
    • Definitely bring gloves and hats, and wear comfortable, water-proof shoes.
  2. Stay connected with your group members.
    • The crowds are very large, so try and stay physically connected to your group as much as possible.
    • Make sure everyone has at least one leader’s cell phone number.
    • Give everyone a map – you can print off paper copies OR download the March for Life app.
    • Inform everyone of time and meeting place after the march is finished.
  3. Know your transportation options.
  4. Bring signs!
    • Be creative, and let the world know why we march!
    • Even if you forget or can’t bring signs, many groups will have signs to hand out on the National Mall.
  5. Get ready to document your experience!
    • It’s important to show “why we march” – beforehand, post pictures, messages of why you will be marching for life with #whywemarch.
    • With the technology and social media options we have, every marcher can be a “citizen journalist.”
    • During the event, post pictures and videos of the crowd with #whywemarch & #marchforlife.
    • Facebook Live is a great way to showcase the March for Life to your network– use this before, during, and after to document your experience and show and tell the world, #WhyWeMarch.
    • See all your posts at
    • Consider wearing gloves that have screen sensitive finger tips!
    • Bring an extra battery charger for your devices!

  6. Attend the March for Life Expo
  7. Stay connected with the March for Life

The March for Life is an incredibly important opportunity for pro-life Americans from all across the country to come together and be a unified voice for a culture of life. We hope you will join us!

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