On Cecile’s Book Tour

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On Cecile’s Book Tour



That is the number of abortions committed at Planned Parenthood since 2006, when Cecile Richards became President of the organization.

Richards recently announced her retirement from Planned Parenthood and subsequently released her memoir, entitled “Make Trouble.”

Not surprisingly, she doesn’t mention the millions of babies lives snuffed out at the hands of Planned Parenthood during her tenure. Instead, she claims that the radical pro-abortion views of Planned Parenthood are taking hold in our country.

But Cecile is wrong.

In an op-ed for FoxNews.com, March for Life President Jeanne Mancini argues that a culture of life is taking hold in the U.S. She cites 10 years of public opinion polling by Marist which show that Americans consistently support significant restrictions on abortion. She writes:

“Americans’ continued support for restrictions on abortion show that, despite Cecile Richards’s best efforts and deep pockets, pro-choice activism is not “transforming the culture.” Love is winning.”

In another op-ed for the Washington Examiner about Richards’ book and the abuses of Planned Parenthood, Mancini concludes, “The consensus in America is against abortion, and for major rollbacks on abortion access – not for the “abortion extremism” that Planned Parenthood represents.”

Click on the images below to read the full op-eds.

As Jeanne concludes in her FoxNews.com piece,

“Our movement shows that love doesn’t just save lives, it transforms them. That’s why year after year, thousands of Americans march—rain, sleet, snow or shine—to protest the violence of abortion and in support of life-affirming alternatives.  We will continue to do so until abortion is unthinkable.”


Thank you for being part of this movement!

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