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mfl-roseThis year marks the 41st annual March for Life (MfL), and I am very excited to announce that we have developed a new logo for the March for Life Education and Defense Fund. It is our belief and hope that our new logo bridges our history and our future—and we’d like to hear what you think about it, too.

inside capitol 1977In the early days of the March for Life, and up until security requirements on Capitol Hill stopped the effort, young marchers would personally deliver red roses to legislators in their Hill offices. The roses symbolized the lives of the unborn and were also meant to encourage Members to support policies that protected and built a culture of life.

There is a lot to a red rose; red is a symbol of mourning. We are saddened and always remember the 55 million unique American lives that have been lost to abortion in the past 41 years. Yet a red rose is also a sign of life and love! Our new logo revamps the red rose that has been the symbol of the March for Life for these past 41 years. We believe it conveys life, love, and hope.

You’ll notice the new logo encompasses a mother and child. We march for moms and babies. Abortion not only snuffs out a life filled with potential, it harms a mother emotionally, psychologically and physically.  We embrace every woman and child with hope for happier tomorrows.

We hope that you like our new logo and what it stands for, but even more, we hope to see you at the MfL in two weeks! Stay tuned in the days ahead for more exciting announcements!

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