On One Year Anniversary of His Conviction Three Senators Go to the Senate Floor to Protect Future Kermit Gosnells

This day, May 13, marks the one-year anniversary of the conviction of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  To mark the anniversary pro-life Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) went to the Senate floor and pushed for a vote on one of his bills:


Senator Graham: (2:15 PM)

  • Spoke the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

    • “One the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S. 1670, which is my legislation, and S. 1696, the Women’s Health Protection Act by Senator Blumenthal. Just very briefly, what I’m trying to do is to have an opportunity for the body to talk about two pieces of legislation that relate to the abortion issue, the role of the federal government and very quickly, my legislation would ban abortion at the 20-week period, the fifth month, based on the theory that the child can feel pain at that point in the pregnancy, and that the standard of care for the medical community is you can’t operate on an unborn fetus at the 20-week period without administering anesthesia, and the reason for that is because the child can feel pain.”


Incredibly Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) went to the Senate floor to object and, in essence, defend butchers like Kermit Gosnell:


Senator Blumenthal: (2:18 PM)

  • Spoke on the Graham Unanimous Consent and the Women’s Health Protection Act.

    • “The Women’s Health Protection Act would put women’s rights first. The Women’s Health Protection Act seeks full and thorough consideration of these issues, and I seek it through the regular order. Let’s have hearings. Let’s consider these measures in committee. Let’s bring them to the floor in a way they can be debated insightfully and thoughtfully, not this way. The Women’s Health Protection Act protects a woman’s health and her ability to make her own decisions and her constitutional rights.”

Senator Baldwin: (2:26 PM)

  • Spoke on the Women’s Health Protection Act.

    • “This is sea my good friend from Connecticut, senator Blumenthal, and I have introduced a serious proposal, the women’s health protection act. It would put a stop to these federal protections against real estate strictions, like the republican proposal that we were hearing about today. Proposals that unduly limit access to reproductive health care, that do nothing to further women’s health or safety, and that intrude upon personal decision making. And I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this important legislation through the committee process and through regular order. We know that today’s spectacle meant to produce a serious debate about protecting women’s reproductive health. It’s about a narrow republican agenda to take our country backward and roll back important health benefits for American families.”

Senator Boxer: (2:32 PM)

  • Spoke on abortions.

    • “Dr. Gosnell was convicted and sent to prison. This is a rogue doctor who is now serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for what he did, abusing the trust of being a reproductive health care doctor. So Dr. Gosnell is away, as he should be. And so how does my friend from North Carolina commemorate this? By putting forward a bill that will drive more women to rogue doctors. If you make it illegal for a woman, regardless of her circumstance, she is going to find a way to either save her health, her life, her family. So women deserve to have protections. And the bill that my friend proposed, which would just simply say, after a certain number of weeks, no more abortion, no matter what your health situation is, is very dangerous. Now, I would just say rhetorically, how can you say you’re doing something right for women and their families when you don’t have a health exception?”

Senator Boxer would like you to think that Kermit Gosnell (who she still thinks deserves the title “doctor”) is an aberration.  If anything he is a trend among abortionists.  The “rogue doctors” of whom she speaks are in fact those she seeks to protect with legislation like the ironically named “Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHaPA).  The WHaPA would override the tremendous success we have seen in the states of protecting women’s health while also removing any limitations on abortion.  Not since the abortions for all “Freedom of Choice Act,” supported by President Obama, have we seen a bill that is so anti-mother and child.


Section 4 of the bill is loaded with prohibitions for the states including this bill would allow an abortionist to designate anyone, regardless of training, to perform the procedure.   This protects the unlicensed abortionist, but not the woman.  This legislation restricts the off counter use of a drug that has proven to both harm and kill women when used for a chemical abortion.  This protects the lazy abortionist, but not the women who have ended up dying from unlicensed use of abortion causing drugs.


Want to make sure a doctor can’t “phone in” a chemical abortion?  This legislation would restrict doctors “phoning in a chemical abortion – allowing presumably anyone designated by an abortion doctor to distribute life ending drugs via the Internet.  Again, this protects the lazy abortionist, but not the women who have ended up dying from unlicensed use of abortion causing drugs.  Laws requiring an abortionist to report cases of statutory rape for girls as young (or younger) than 12 and laws requiring permission of a legal guardian to have the invasive and destructive procedure known as abortion would be illegal. 


Ironically this bill would create more Kermit Gosnell’s and both protect those butchers as well as allow them to flourish. The “Women’s Health Protection Act” protects Kermit Gosnell, but not the woman.

Section 6 then gives Attorney General virtually unrestricted powers to abuse the office against pro-lifers as well as possibly legislators or elected officials who would enforce ANY law that seeks to protect a woman. 


This is legislation only Planned Parenthood could love, and love it they do.  The bill has 36 sponsors in the Senate and 60 in the House of Representatives; however, it is clear this is the wish list of many pro-abortion folks in DC.  This bill would not only lead to more abortions, it would also lead to more deaths of both mothers and children. 


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