Planned Parenthood: 100 Years of Abuse & Deception


This month, Planned Parenthood is “celebrating” it’s 100th birthday, dating back to the eugenicist Margaret Sanger opening her first clinic in New York City in 1916.

In reality, this birthday should be anything but a celebration. Planned Parenthood, and abortion advocates have been doing a real disservice to women and babies for decades.

In the name of “women’s health” the organization works desperately to soften the truth that abortion takes the life of a baby and hurts mothers. But even the best public relations campaigns cannot change reality.

>>>> Check out these resources on all of Planned Parenthood’s deceptions:

Watch Tricia tell her story about the culture’s message about abortion. Tricia deeply regrets the two abortions she had as a young woman, and now works as a pro-life advocate.

I was a product of the culture and I believed everything that the culture was teaching me, which was basically: ‘It’s you first. If it doesn’t fit your agenda, then get rid of it.’


It’s really a matter of feeding women the continued lie that life isn’t valuable, it doesn’t matter. The only valuable life that exists is the one that is walking and talking right now. And if it’s not walking, talking and breathing, if it doesn’t have a career, then it’s of no value.

Since 1973 alone, over 57 million abortions – a sixth of our current population in the United States – has been wiped out by abortion, and millions of women are wounded and scarred by the pain of having made such a choice.

Building a culture of life is an effort that requires each and every one of us. Where do we start? As Tricia shares, “we must elevate all life.”

As a pro-lifer, I value all life. I value babies, toddlers, elderly, as well as those in the womb. The difference as a pro-lifer is that the person in the womb can’t speak, they can’t defend themselves.

Please join us this month (and every day of the year) in spreading the truth about life!


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