Teachable Moment from the Bumpies

The language used in a recent blog post by the First Lady Michelle Obama on “The Bump,” a pregnancy resource website for expecting moms reveals the hypocrisy of abortion proponents – they acknowledge that an unborn baby is just that – a developing human!  (Well, except for Cecile Richards who has no understanding of science and when life begins.)  Even more frustrating, the blog post on the very “pro-baby” website touts a system that funds the destruction of developing babies through abortion.*  

Some of the phrases that the First Lady uses in talking about her pregnancy experience:

“expecting our first daughter”

“panic at the prospect of bringing this little person into the world”

“our little girl”

“when your baby is born”

The First Lady’s comments are very sweet, and while we may disagree about her husband’s politics and policy, it seems that the First Lady is a wonderful mom.  Even a recent article from the conservative website, The Federalist, talks about “5 Ways Michelle Obama is a Great First Lady.”  The fact that she prioritizes family over her First Lady duties is commendable.

However, her aforementioned phrases – and so many other references to pregnancy in the popular culture – prove the point that technically, everyone is pro-life – when it comes to expected or wanted pregnancies.

Be on the look-out for these references – in the news, on TV, in the movies, in celebrity gossip.  They can offer a “teachable moment” to share the truth with a friend and graciously point out how it’s not only wrong, but it’s discriminatory to support abortion just because a pregnancy is “unexpected or unwanted.”  Those babies develop exactly the same as those whose parents desire children!

In fact, the Bump blog has some fantastic resources on fetal development.  Prospective moms can enter their due date and track the growth of their baby.  Another great resource that you can share with a friend who needs to be convinced of the humanity of unborn babies is the Endowment for Human Development – take a few minutes on this site to familiarize yourself with the amazing stages of human development in the womb.  One by one we can change the culture until every baby – whether expected or not – is welcomed into this world. 

*HHS Secretary Sebelius has repeatedly avoided providing a list of health care plans that do not provide abortion funding under the “Affordable Care Act,” or Obamacare, presumably because she cannot.  

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