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March for Life Is Grateful for the Protecting Life in Global Health Policy

  “March for Life is grateful to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his announcement today that the Department will more fully implement the Protecting Life in Global Health Policy. Taxpayer dollars should not fund abortion here or abroad, and … Continue reading

Speakers Announced for Upcoming Virginia March for Life

The March for Life urges every pro-life Virginian to take a stand for life at the Virginia March for Life on April 3. Continue reading

March for Life Statement on the Senate’s failure to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Anyone who lacks the basic level of human compassion needed to vote in favor of this should quickly find another job. Continue reading

March for Life Applauds the New Title X Regulations

  “It is absolutely appropriate that the new Title X regulations take into account the difference between abortion and healthcare. Abortion is neither healthcare nor family planning which is why the Title X program has no business funding it. We … Continue reading

March for Life, Partnered with The Family Foundation, the Virginia Catholic Conference and the Virginia Society for Human Life, Announce Virginia March for Life

Given such an extreme pro-abortion agenda, it is imperative for all of us to stand together for the rights of the unborn. Continue reading

March for Life applauds President for highlighting life in State of the Union

  “We applaud the President for condemning the extremist abortion propositions out of New York and Virginia and for calling on Congress to ban late-term abortion during his State of the Union Address. The American consensus opposes abortion after the first trimester, yet some politicians continue to embrace … Continue reading

Statement on the Blocked Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Voice-Vote

“Sen. Patty Murray, acting on behalf of Senate Democrats, blocked even having a voice-vote on common-sense legislation that would prohibit the killing of babies who survive a botched abortion, and instead chose to stand up in favor of infanticide and … Continue reading