Wherever you are, you can build a culture of life!

In January 1973, the Supreme Court made the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade, effectively legalizing elective abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. As a result, over 62 million innocent lives have been taken by abortion.  I personally feel this loss every single day. A third of my generation – my classmates, teammates, and friends are missing directly because of abortion. Young women, women my age, are falling victim to the lies of the abortion industry. This tragedy impacts each and every one of our lives and we cannot turn a blind eye. It is our responsibility to bring an end to abortion and show the value and dignity of every human life.  

When I started college last fall, I knew that I wanted to build a culture of life on my campus. Not only did I want to educate my peers on the reality of abortion, but I wanted to inspire them to take action.   

It is no secret that the abortion industry targets young, college-age girls. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 42% of abortion-minded women are between the ages of 18 and 24. Surveys also show that the vast majority of these women are seeking abortion out of fear. 

What are these women afraid of? Statistics show that 74% of abortion-minded women fear that motherhood will interfere with their education or career. 73% feel that they could not afford to care for their child and 48% have concerns about the difficulties of being a single parent. Instead of offering encouragement, support, and resources, the abortion industry sells the lie that abortion – ending the life of their unborn child – is these women’s only solution. 

As part of the pro-life generation, we can help calm the fears of our pregnant classmates and friends. We can show them that there is a vast community of support ready to love them and their child. And as pro-life college students, we can offer that support directly on our campuses.      

We are all called to build a culture of life, and you can do this exactly where you are. To truly create a culture where each human life is valued, we must start within our homes, communities, and schools.  

Ways to build a culture of life on your college campus: 

– Get involved with your college pro-life group or start one 
– Volunteer at your local pregnancy center 
– Organize a baby supply drive for your pregnancy center or young families in the community  
– Give care packages to the neonatal floor at your local hospital 
– Offer free babysitting services in your community 
– Petition your school to provide better resources and support for pregnant and parenting students.  
– Advertise the array of resources available to pregnant and parenting students  
– Plan a trip to the March for Life to get connected and inspired by pro-life advocates from across the country! 

By advocating for life on your campus, you make an incredible impact in the pro-life movement. Each of us can play a crucial role in bringing an end to abortion. Through our joint efforts, we can use our individual gifts and talents to create a culture of life. 

The pro-life cause requires our time, energy, and efforts – no matter where we are. We can build a culture of life in the classroom, through friendships, and by joining all together in the pro-life movement to bring an end to abortion. 

Alivia Grace Talley is the founder and president of her school’s pro-life organization, and an active volunteer at her local pregnancy center. Alivia Grace is also a veteran intern for the March for Life, serving two years as our Volunteer Coordinator and Summer Communications intern.  

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