2022: A Year of Pro-Life Victories and New Opportunities

At the end of each year, we reflect on the abundance of blessings we have received. I think we can all agree that 2022 has been a historic whirlwind of a year and we are looking forward to the possibilities that 2023 holds for the protection of the most vulnerable, the child in the womb.

Here is a brief recap:

As we kicked off 2022, we hoped against hope for a historic victory for the pro-life movement. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case was heard at the Supreme Court last December, with the justices considering the possible overturn of the wrongfully decided Roe v. Wade case. We prayed and waited for the decision to be issued and on June 24 (the birthday of March for Life founder, Nellie Gray!), we joyously saw the Supreme Court return the power back to the American people to protect the unborn through their elected representatives. In the days that followed, we worked overtime to educate Americans on the truth about post-Roe America online and in media outlets such as NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, EWTN, to name a few.

Before and after the Dobbs decision, we also continued working with partners in the states as we grew our State March Program. 2022 included five State Marches—Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, and Connecticut.

In the first-ever State March for Life in a post-Roe America, nearly 6,000 Pennsylvanians Marched for Life in Harrisburg, PA on September 19. We also far outnumbered a counter rally held the next day, but even more importantly our Marchers outpaced the pro-abortion rally with love, joy and enthusiasm!  Check out the comparison photo below!

As we look ahead to 2023, with the new freedom states have to enact good policies, we plan to redouble our efforts and quickly grow our state marches! Another highlight was mobilizing our March for Life Action Advocacy Network throughout the year and across the country, to put pro-life citizens in direct communication with their legislators.

Each email or tweet our advocates sent to their lawmakers made a difference in protecting the unborn—totaling nearly ONE MILLION messages sent over the last couple of years!

Through the Advocacy Network, pro-life citizens are able to “march” virtually all year-round by making their voice heard on protecting the inherent dignity of the unborn child and his/her mother.


In the past few months we have turned our focus to planning the National March on January 20, 2023, where we will be taking the “Next Steps” and “Marching into a Post-Roe America” (our theme for this year’s March for Life)! This will be the 50th annual March for Life, the first Post-RoeNational March. We plan to celebrate, give thanks and remember those who have gone before us who led the way to this historic moment in time, and to map out a path forward!

In large part because of your witness as Marchers, your prayers, and your financial support, we at the March for Life are able to give heartfelt thanks for a beautiful and fruitful year, and we look forward for things to come! With the 50th annual March for Life just a few weeks away, we are confident that this year will be the most historic yet. Stay tuned!Happy New Year from all of us at the March for Life!  

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