47 Days of Life: Is Abortion Health Care?



Well that should settle it, however it is likely it will not. 


The pro-abortion lobby, perhaps emboldened by the advances in promoting abortion they achieved through President Obama’s own health care law, are insisting that abortion is an essential part of health care.  During the campaign in 2008 Barack Obama saw abortion as part of health care and in 2009 his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated the Obama Administration’s tenet at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in April of that year.  Now that the pro-abortion folks were successful in getting abortion and subsidies for abortion in the health care law they are finding other ways to enforce the new Democratic mantra of “abortion IS healthcare.”


In New York City the Mayor-elect, Bill De Blasio stated that since crisis pregnancy centers refuse to perform abortions, they do not offer “legitimate health care.”  That is why he has vowed to shut them all down.  The ACLU, who has a history of anti-Catholicism, are suing the Catholic Church in the United States because the Catholic Church, being a pro-life religion, refuses to see abortion as health care.  Even our own U.S. Congress, the perpetrators of Obamacare, are finding as they and their congressional staff approach the December 9th deadline to select an insurance plan offered through the D.C. Obamacare exchange (D.C. Health Link), that it has become evident that 103 of the 112 plans offered INCLUDE elective abortion.  Just nine plans exclude elective abortion. 


That life begins at conception, and that it is a human life, is generally accepted among the scientific community.  As the Association of Pro-life Physicians explains:


There is a tremendous consensus in the scientific community about when life begins.  This is hardly controversial.  . . . According to this elementary definition of life, life begins at fertilization, when a sperm unites with an oocyte.  From this moment, the being is highly organized, has the ability to acquire materials and energy, has the ability to respond to his or her environment, has the ability to adapt, and has the ability to reproduce (the cells divide, then divide again, etc., and barring pathology and pending reproductive maturity has the potential to reproduce other members of the species).  Non-living things do not do these things.  Even before the mother is aware that she is pregnant, a distinct, unique life has begun his or her existence inside her.


Furthermore, that life is unquestionably human.  A human being is a member of the species homo sapiens.  Human beings are products of conception, which is when a human male sperm unites with a human female oocyte (egg).  When humans procreate, they don’t make non-humans like slugs, monkeys, cactuses, bacteria, or any such thing.  Emperically-verifiable proof is as close as your nearest abortion clinic: send a sample of an aborted fetus to a laboratory and have them test the DNA to see if its human or not.  Genetically, a new human being comes into existence from the earliest moment of conception.


Biologically, from the moment of conception this new human being is not a part of the mother’s body.  Since when does a mother’s body have male genitals, two brains, four kidneys?  The preborn human being may be dependent upon the mother for nutrition, however, this does not diminish his or her humanity, but proves it.  Moreover, dependence upon a parent for survival is not a capital crime.


So life begins at conception, the very earliest stage of pregnancy.  Abortion is the “termination” of the pregnancy – thus the ending of the human life.  Merriam-Webster defines “health-care” as follows:


health care

noun    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of HEALTH CARE

: the maintaining and restoration of health by the treatment and prevention of disease especially by trained and licensed professionals (as in medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology, and public health)


Pregnancy is not considered a disease by a credible doctor (though it is by a few Obama court nominees).  The termination of a human life, at any stage, doesn’t even meet the dictionary test.


NOTE: Ironically while trying to claim that abortion is health care the pro-abortion folks, especially in Congress, are doing all they can to make sure that abortion ISN’T regulated or treated like actual medical procedures that are considered health-care.

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