Join us at the March for Life Rally!


Today’s countdown to the 2018 March for Life is 46 days! Amidst the busy holiday season, we hope you are also making your preparations to join us in Washington, D.C. for the 45th Annual March for Life.

Today’s #MarchforLifeMonday tip is pretty simple – be sure to attend the March for Life rally, before the actual march begins! You’ll hear from pro-life leaders like March for Life President Jeanne Mancini and Pam Tebow. More speakers will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

>>>> Click HERE to watch inspiring speeches from past March for Life rallies.

Here are the details on the rally:

Friday, January 19, 2018
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
National Mall – 12th St. (between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive)
Washington, D.C.

*please note this is a different rally location from 2017, due to National Park Service regulations.

Prior to the rally, come and enjoy the musical performance by the award-winning artist Plumb! You won’t want to miss this inspirational and reflective time, a half hour prior to the start of the rally (11:30 a.m.).

We look forward to seeing you in January. Don’t forget to explore the March for Life website, download our Trip Planner, or download the March for Life app to assist with your trip-planning!

6 Weeks Out from the March for Life!


Lots of plans are being made for the 2015 March for Life — only 41 days away! Check out what your fellow marchers are saying and sharing about marching for life on January 22, 2015! Keep sharing your plans so that we can grow the largest pro-life rally in the world! Will you be there to speak out for preborn babies?

8 Things You Need to Know About the 2015 March for Life


We are only 8 weeks away from the world’s largest pro-life rally!  The March for Life is held in Washington, D.C. every year on the tragic anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton that legalized abortion on demand.  Whether you attend every year or 2015 will be your first, make sure you know these eight things about the 2015 March for Life!


BannerGiveAway-Twitter1.  First and foremost, until December 31, you can enter to win a $500 travel voucher, 2 nights at the Downtown DC Renaissance Hotel, and backstage passes to the March for Life rally!


2.  The 2015 March for Life theme, is Every Life is a Gift, focusing on preborn babies who receive a diagnosis of a fetal abnormality. You can read more about our theme in The Hill and Breitbart News.


3.  2015 is also the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, landmark legislation that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Yet babies diagnosed with disabilities, or “perceived disabilities,” in the womb are targeted and aborted at rates of nearly 60%-90%.



4.  You can download the March for Life Trip Planner to assist with all aspects of planning, and making the most out of your trip!


5.  On January 21, 2015, you can attend the March for Life Conference, which consists of a Law Conference for law students and legal advocates, Capitol Hill 101 legislative advocacy training, a Culture of Life seminar on the 2015 theme, and a Youth Rally. All events are free, but you need to register.


6.  The March for Life Expo is also free and open on Wednesday, January 21, and Thursday, January 22. This is a great opportunity to connect with pro-life organizations and ministries and pick up pro-life resources and gear.


conference square

7.  Are you a student? Submit your entry for the March for Life Student Contest, “Every Selfie Has a Story,” and you could win a $100 iTunes gift, a $500 donation to a pro-life charity of your choice, and more!


8.  Finally, there are many related events happening around the March for Life. Be sure to check out our website for the listing that’s being constantly updated!


If you want to keep apprised of all the March for Life happenings, be sure to sign up for emails, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

And We Will Be Heard

Guest Blog by Angela Kim

I breathe in and out, watching my breath condense in the chill air. Stretched above like a sheet of ice, the sky shimmers as the sun struggles against the suppressing cold. Its heat warms the crowd only a little, beaten away by relentless winds. It is cold. And yet, despite the numbness in my fingertips, the shiver running through my body in an uncomfortable tremor, I cherish every moment, willing this day to last forever. After all, I dreamed of attending the March for Life for years now, and I finally made it.

Getting here has not been easy. For most people, it is a simple matter of piling in a car and driving to Washing D.C for the day, but I am limited. I do not have a car or a license, and I also do not have enough money to afford the $150 tickets offered by local pro-life groups. I had to find another way.

In the end, I traveled with a friend named Emily. We took a bus from Michigan to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a friend let us stay the night. Then we joined a homeschool co-op’s bus that drove six hours to Washington, D.C, only to stay three to four hours and drive all the way back.

It was quite a long way to travel. But it was so worth it. As soon as we stepped off the bus and into the cold, chill air, I knew it was worth it.

zzzzangelakimI am standing in a crowd of people, smiling people wrapped warmly in jackets and scarves and hats. For a moment, I wonder how vast the crowd is, so I make my way to one side and stand on a three-foot wall, looking out. I cannot see the end of the crowd. It is a sea of people. Colorful signs and flags soar through the air. Music blares in the background, whispered prayers filling in any moment of near silence. I look around, and that’s when it hits me.

Everyone in this crowd is here for the same reason. Everyone here believes, more or less, the same thing. For years and years, I have been passionately against the injustice of abortion, and during these years, I felt so alone. But here I am, and here they are, in numbers greater than I could possibly imagine.

We march.

And we make a sound. This sound is a song, a cry, a chant, a speech, and a prayer. It is thousands of voices speaking at once, speaking the same thought, the same belief. We make this sound for those who cannot make such a sound themselves. We make this sound and every political person in Washington D.C cannot avoid hearing it. President Barack Obama himself cannot but hear our voice. And it doesn’t stop there. Our shouts and our cries for justice then continue to roll across the nation and across the world.

We make this sound for the unborn. And we will be heard.

I would like to take a moment and encourage you to attend the March for Life this year, no matter the distance it takes to get there. I traveled several hundred miles to spend a few hours at the March, and it was definitely worth it. The opportunity is so rare, the impact so tremendous, that I could hardly believe it. Really, the March for Life isn’t about marching itself or about being pro-life. It’s about truth. And, truthfully, abortion is unjust. It’s wrong. It’s murder. And it is our job to stand together in great numbers and remind the world of this.

I want to finish this piece with someone else’s words. I am standing in a massive crowd all around a raised stage with speakers, cameras, screens, and a podium. This part of the day happens just before the march itself. You get the chance to listen to a number of amazing speakers. One speaker in particular stands out to me the most.

He says, “You may or may not know this. My birth mother was seventeen years old. She wasn’t married. She didn’t have a boyfriend. She was terrified… didn’t know what to do. And her dad and her church put her in the doors of a pregnancy resource center and people just like you opened their arms to her, showed her the love of Christ, and gave her an alternative. And I’m here and alive today because of this movement, and I’m here to say ‘thank you,’ and I will continue to say thank you until abortion is ended in the United States.”


Angela Kim is 18 years old and a student at Grove City College. Her life goal is to glorify God and end abortion in the United States. To stay up-to-date with her work, visit her blog at Journal of an Abolitionist or follow her on Twitter @MissAngelaAKim



March for Life Trip Planning Webinar

Tuesday, October 28, 8:00 p.m.

Trip Planning Google Hangout (2)It is hard to believe that we are less than 100 days from the next March for Life, January 22, 2015!  Our Team would like to help you, and others in your group, experience a most meaningful and deeply impactful March for Life journey!  During the webinar we will discuss the new March for Life Trip Planner, the March for Life Conference and Expo, as well as hear from a few special guests who will share tips and tricks on planning and making the most of your March for Life trip!  Additionally, we’ll share exclusive information with you about the 2015 March for Life theme!

Guests include Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3); Jill Stanek, pro-life blogger; Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America; Christa Lopiccolo, Archdiocese of Washington; and students from Liberty University and Notre Dame University.

You can join in the conversation and submit questions on Twitter using #marchforlife, or email [email protected]. Participants will have opportunities to win March for Life gear throughout the night!

RSVP below and come back HERE on Tuesday, October 28th at 8:00 p.m. to watch!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the March for Life?

The March for Life began in Washington, D.C., as a small demonstration and rapidly grew to be the largest pro-life event in the world.  The peaceful demonstration that has followed on the somber anniversary of Roe V. Wade every year since 1973 is a witness to the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, legalized abortion on demand. 


Where and when is the March for Life?

The March for Life official program will be held on Wednesday, January 22, 2015 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. beginning at 14th St.  The program begins with a rally at 12 noon, and a time of musical reflection at 11:30.  There will be jumbo-trons for easier viewing.

The march begins immediately following the rally at approximately 1 pm and  proceeds from the National Mall, makes a right on Constitution Avenue, makes a right on 1st St. NE, and ends in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  We then encourage you to visit your congressmen in the House and Senate office buildings.

How do I begin to plan a March for Life trip?

It is never too early to start planning!  The earlier you begin planning, the better rates you can get on buses and hotel rooms, and the more time you have to fundraise for your trip.  The earlier you plan, the more time you have to get the word out about your March for Life trip to family, friends and members of your local pro-life group or church.

Before you can begin planning any other aspect of the March for Life, it is important to set your schedule.  Some groups come to Washington, D.C. for a day.  They arrive the day of the March for Life, participate in the March, meet with their elected representatives and drive home that same evening.  This keeps costs low, as you would not need to pay for hotel rooms and other added expenses.

Other groups make their trip to Washington, D.C. last several days.  The March for Life Convention is the day before the March for Life and features, the Youth Rally, the Exhibition Hall, the Law of Life Conference, Capitol Hill 101, and the Culture of Life panels.  Once you finalize your schedule, you can begin making hotel reservations and other travel arrangements.


When should I book a bus?

Book a bus as early as possible, many bus companies fill up months before the March for Life.  If you are worried about not being able to fill a bus, consider partnering with other groups in your area, such as neighboring schools, churches or local Right to Life groups.  Your bus company should take care of obtaining a bus permit, but you may want to confirm with them.  More information on bus permits can be found HERE. 


Where can I find reasonably priced hotels for my group?

The March for Life has reserved a limited number of rooms at the Downtown DC Renaissance. The rate for groups is $184.00/room plus tax.  You can find information about the DC Renaissance and additional hotels HERE.


Where should the buses drop us off?

Buses should park at RFK Stadium.  Marchers can then ride the Metro from the Stadium-Armoy Metro stop to the National Mall.  Additional information on riding the metro and purchasing fare cards can be found HERE.


The March is over, now what? 

Before you leave Washington, we strongly encourage you to visit your elected officials and advocate for Life!  When you go home, get involved! Don’t make the March for Life a once a year event, but work every day to protect the unborn. 


Additional Helpful Information:

·         Portable restroom facilities are available on the Mall, and public restroom facilities are available in the Smithsonian museums.

·         First Aid stations will be located at various points on the Mall surrounding the rally.

·         To enter the House and Senate buildings, visitors must go through security. For a list of prohibited items in the Capitol Visitor Center click HERE.