March for Life Statement on 2018 Mid-Term Elections Results


“Protecting vulnerable, unborn citizens should be a bipartisan goal but sadly Democrats today are held hostage to an extremist pro-abortion lobby. Since they now have control of the U.S. House of Representatives, we can expect pro-abortion Committee Leadership as well as legislative initiatives that advance a pro-abortion agenda. All pro-life gains made by this Administration will come under fire, and we will no doubt see efforts to expand taxpayer funding for abortion as well as the erosion of conscience rights. While the results of these midterm elections represent a significant setback, some measures can still be taken to minimize the damage and at the same time advance the pro-life cause. The President should issue an immediate veto threat any time standing pro-life policies, for example, the Hyde amendment, are stripped from legislation and continue to fill out appointments in the various Departments with people who will work toward a pro-life agenda. The Senate, too, can accelerate the rate at which Judicial and Executive branch nominations are confirmed.” – March for Life President, Jeanne Mancini