Grateful Response to Marchers

Grateful Response to Marchers for Life. Nellie is Fine!

Washington, DC (January 25, 2008) – Grateful Response to Marchers for Life. Thank you for your concern and many inquiries about the condition of Nellie Gray after her fall on the MARCH FOR LIFE stage on January 22, 2008.

Nellie descibes the incident like this: “I tripped over a piece of the sound equipment, which pulled my footing out so forcefully that I felt as if I were airborne. There was nothing for me to grab hold of and nothing to break my fall. My glasses fell off. The full weight of my body was thrown head-first atop my glasses, which shattered and cut my forehead seriously. I did not lose consciousness, my vision is still fine, and the broken glass did not get into my eyes.”

The emergency medical team closed the wound with eleven stitches and reported that there appears to be no broken or fractured bones. The stitches will be removed in a few days. Even though I shall have a bruised head and cheek for awhile, I am feeling fine.”

The MARCH FOR LIFE Fund Board of Directors is grateful to be able to make this positive report. We know that this good news is due to the help of your many prayers, the good work of many prolifers who were at the scene, and the good work of the emergency medics. Thank you again for your concern and your prayers. Nellie is back at her desk.

– MARCH FOR LIFE Fund Board of Directors