March for Life 2014 Media Coverage

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By: Scott Zipperle
Posted on: January 24, 2014

March for Life 2014 Media Coverage

This year, the March for Life garnered widespread national, international, and local news.  Below is the most comprehensive summary of coverage to date – we will continue to update the list.  If you see a local article missing, please email  We will continue to update.

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Thank you to all who attended and supported the 2014 March for Life.  Our voice in speaking out for life is critically important.  Now, we begin the work of defending and protecting life each day of the year.  Download the March for Life app for Android or iPhone for educational resources and tips on making an impact for life in your community.

Keep in mind – “Why We March” – to bring attention to the tragedy of abortion and the beauty of a culture of life.

A Protest to Change Laws, Hearts

Maria-Pia Negro 1/29/14 Catholic Herald

Grapevine: Bad journalism or politics at the New York Times?

Bret Baier 1/ 27/14 | Fox News 

Numbers Monday: Forget Jay Leno, the March for Life Gave John Boehner a Bounce

Nikki Schwab | 1/27/14 US News & World Report 

What I Saw at the March for Life

Napp Nazworth 1/25/14 Christian Post 

March for life fights the snow in DC

Delcan Finn 1/24/14 Washington Examiner 

Evangelicals Flock to Pro-Life Message

Jeff Walton 1/24/14 Christian NewsWire 

Braving the DC cold to March for Life – Who was there and who wasn’t

Mark Nowakowski 1/24/14 | Communities Digital News 

Philadelphians make it through snowstorm to join March for Life

Lou Baldwin| 1/24/14 Catholic Philly 

March for Life Goes On Despite Winter Storm


March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

Pam Fichter | 1/23/14 Springfield News-Leader 

March for Life Brings Grassroots and GOP Establishment Together

Tony Lee |1/23/14 Breitbart 

March for Life went on in cold and snow

1/23/14 |United Press International 

Abortion opponents rally at March for Life

1/23/14 |The Washington Post 

Abortion debate increasingly goes digital

1/23/14 |CBSNews 

Thousands Decry Abortion at March for Life in Washington, DC

1/23/14 |PanAM Post 

Washington’s March For Life Draws Thousands Through Increased Social Media

1/23/14 |IntheCapital 

March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

1/23/14  Springfield News-Leader 

GOP prepares counteroffensive to battle Dem claims of a ‘war on

1/23/14 |The Washington Times 

J.C. Derrick provides a report from the March for Life

1/23/14 |The World and Everything In It 

Thousands Brave the Cold to March for Life

1/23/14 |Washington Free Beacon 

Millennials at march say age group most aware of costs of abortion

1/23/14 |Catholic New Service 

Pope Francis tweets his support for March for Life rally in Washington protesting legalized abortion on anniversary of Supreme Court’s historic Roe V Wade decision 

1/23/14 |DailyMail UK 

What in the World: Abortion Anniversary and US Bases in the UK

1/23/14 |BBC News 

The Millennial Pro-Life Generation

1/23/14 RedAlert Politics 

U.S. anti-abortion marchers brave freezing cold in Washington

1/23/14 Reuters 

Obama pushes women’s reproductive rights amid March for Life

1/22/14 The Washington Times 

Thousands Brave Cold for “Marc
h for Life” Abortion Protest in DC

1/22/14 CBS DC 

Abortion Opponents March in Washington on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

1/22/14 New York Times The Lede Blog 

5 Things to Know Wednesday

1/22/14 USA Today 

41st Annual March for Life

1/22/14 The Hill 

Despite Frigid Weather, March for Life Marches On with New Adoption Focus

Kate Tracy | 1/22/14 Christianity Today 

Pope Francis Prays (and Tweets) for March for Life 

1/22/14 CNA/EWTN News 

The March for Life in Pictures

Mary Katharine Ham | 1/22/14 | HotAir 

March for Life Attendees Expect 2014 to be a Big Year for Life Movement

Austin Ruse 1/22/14 Breitbart 

The 41st Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Mollie Hemingway | 1/22/14 The Federalist 

Buoyed by Pope, Thousands Brave Frigid DC Temperatures for March for Life Rally

1/22/14 | Newsmax Wires 

Pro-life marchers begin trek to Supreme Court

Meredith Somers | 1/22/14 Washington Times 

The March for Life Media Coverage – or Lack Thereof

Natalie deMacedo |1/22/14 | The American Spectator 

Pope tweets support for US anti-abortion ‘March for Life’

1/22/14 | AFP 

March for Life to Highlight Adoption

Bethany Monk 1/21/14 CitizenLink 

At Chilly D.C. March, Republicans Pledge Support for Antiabortion bills

1/22/14 |The Wall Street Journal 

The March for Life Goes On

1/22/14 |National Review Online 

Thousands To Brave Cold For ‘March For Life‘ Abortion Protest In DC

1/22/14 |Huffington Post 

Anti-abortion activists brave frigid weather for march to mark Roe v Wade

1/22/14 |The Guardian UK 

This Ain’t Your Mama’s March for Life

1/22/14 |Slate 

U.S. Anti-Abortion Marchers Brave Cold in Washington on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

1/22/14 |Baltimore Sun 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |Associated Press 

Snow doesn’t hinder March for Life

1/22/14 |Politico 

Despite Frigid, Bitter Cold Temperatures March for Life to Go On in

1/22/14 |Townhall 

March for Life 2.0? A new approach to the annual anti-abortion rally

1/22/14 |CNN (Blog) 

Miles de personas piden en Washington que se sustituya el aborto por la adopcion

1/22/14 |European Press Photo Agency 

Pro-lifers brave windy, freezing temps to ‘March for Life

1/22/14 |Daily Caller 

Pope Francis Tweets ‘March for Life‘ Support, Obama Reaffirms Roe

1/22/14 | 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |WTOP 103.5 

March for Life Draws Thousands to Snowy DC

1/22/14 |USA Today 

Pope Francis tweets support to March for Life in Washington, saying he’s there ‘with my prayers’

1/22/14 |New York Daily News 

Protestants March for Life

1/22/14 |First Things 

Thousands of abortion foes set for ‘March for Life‘ in Washington

1/22/14 |New Haven Register 

Thousands of abortion foes brave cold to join March for Life

1/22/14 |The Washington Post 

Washington’s March for Life goes on, despite snow, low temperatures

1/22/14 | 

Anti-Abortion Activists ‘March for Life’ in Washington

1/22/14 |U.S. News & World Report 

Palin lauds March for Life groups

1/22/14 |Politico 

March for Life Focuses on Adoption as Best Option

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

‘We Are Winning’ the Fight Against Abortion, Says Rep. Chris Smith at 41st Annual March for Life Rally

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

Abortion Foes Rally in Washington, Spurred by Pope

1/22/14 |Global Post Agence France-Presse 

Andrew Cuomo and the 2014 March for Life

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Pope Francis tweets his support for anti-abortion ‘March for Life‘ rally

1/22/14 |Raw Story 

Thousands March Through Washington Snow for Annual Rally Against Abortion

1/22/14 |ABC News 

March for Life Message: “Listen to Young People”

1/22/14 |NewsMax 

Eric Cantor Announces Anti-Choice House Vote at March for Life

1/22/14 |RH Reality Check 

Pope Francis Tweets Support for March for Life from the Vatican

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 56

1/22/14 | 

The Best Matching Group Fashions Seen at the March for Life

1/21/14 |Townhall 

Six surprising changes to the anti-abortion March for Life

1/21/14 |CNN Belief Blog 

Snow won’t stop 41st March for Life

1/21/14 |Washington Examiner 

Pro-Lifers in 41st March for Life Brave Harsh Conditions

1/21/14 |The New American 

Through snow, ice and cold, the March for Life will go on

1/21/14 |USA Today 

March for Life – and ProLife Movement – Now Led by Young Adults

1/21/14 |Townhall 

That They All May Be One: Christian Unity at the March for Life

Brian Miller 1/21/14 |Juicy Ecumenism 

March for Life is important witness of unity, advocate says

Adelaide Mena |1/21/14 Catholic News Agency 

Catholic Colleges to Have Major Presence at March for Life

1/21/14 |The Cardinal Newman Society 

March for Life makes room for other causes

Meredith Somers (1/20/14) | Washington Times

Marching on Washington, Again 

Kathryn Jean Lopez (1/20/14) National Review Online

Inside the Beltway: The bipartisan side of the March for Life

Jennifer Harper | (1/19/14) Washington Times

Choose adoption, not abortion: Column

Grazie Pozo Christie | (1/18/14) | USA Today

March for Life broadens focus to engage cultural, political realms

(1/17/14) CNA/EWTN News

This year’s March for Life reaches a new group: evangelicals

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey | (1/17/14) Religion News Service

Pro-lifers hold peaceful protest for 40th consecutive year

April Thompson | (1/17/14) | Communities Digital News

2014 March for Life law summit will feature over 20 pro-life leaders

Dustin Siggins | (1/17/14) | LifeSiteNews

EWTN: Send Us Your ‘March for Life’/’Walk for Life’ Videos, Photos & Posts

(1/17/14) Global Newswire

RNC Bumps Annual Meeting for March for Life | (1/17/14)

Tired of the Media Blackout of the March for Life, New Pro-Life Documentary Planned

Katie Yoder | (1/16/14) | NewsBusters

March On!

John Burger | (1/ 15/14) | Catholic World Report 

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