May Give Life Challenge: Sign a Special Mother’s Day Card


Our Give Life Challenge for the month of May is to encourage moms raising kids with special needs!  Would you sign a heartening card for moms of children with Down Syndrome?

MarchForLife_April2015_Memes19-3As you may know, we have been sharing the message that “Every Life is a Gift” for the 2015 March for Life, and we have focused on the special babies that are diagnosed with a fetal abnormality, such as Down Syndrome. Tragically, children with a poor prenatal diagnosis are aborted at a rate of approximately 85%. Thankfully, many moms and families resist pressure from doctors or society to abort, and give birth to precious children that, although they may face medical or development challenges, are a gift to this world.

Your signature on our inspiring Mother’s Day card will carry on the 2015 March for Life theme that “every life is a gift.” It will be an encouragement to countless moms of children with Down Syndrome and work to erase the perception that moms who deliver babies with Down Syndrome should be told “I’m sorry” rather than “congratulations!”

>>>> Click HERE to sign our special Mother’s Day card and to access resources for families raising kids with special needs.