March for Life in the News

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By: Scott Zipperle
Posted on: November 21, 2013

March for Life in the News

3 Reasons March for Life Should Not Be Forced to Pay for Abortion Pills (Besides the Obvious) 

11/7/14 | Alliance Defending Freedom

Tech Giants Slammed Over Health Coverage for Freezing Eggs

Drew MacKenzie | 11/4/14 | Newsmax

March for Life: Every Life is a Gift

Bethany Goodman | 10/23/14 | Breitbart News

Every Life is a Gift

Jeanne Monahan | 10/22/14 | The Hill

Obamacare or Abortion Care

Jeanne Monahan | 10/16/14 | Washington Times

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to Discuss Brittany Maynard and Human Dignity

Pro-Lifers Irate over Obamacare Abortion Funds

Paul Strand | 9/14/14 | CBN News

America’s Steady March Toward a Culture of Life

Jeanne Monahan | July 2014 | Knights of Columbus Columbia Magazine

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss Ireland March for Life and other pro-life news

March for Life Files Suit Against HHS Mandate

Kim Trobee | 7/14/14 CitizenLink

March for Life files lawsuit against Obama HHS Mandate…but with a twist

Dustin Siggins | 7/10/14 LifeSiteNews

Because Hobby Lobby Decision Doesn’t Protect Non-profits, March for Life Sues HHS

Alliance Defending Freedom | 7/10/14 LifeNews

March for Life files suit against abortion-pill mandate

Press Release | 7/10/14 Alliance Defending Freedom

Abortion Advocates Downplaying the Science of Abortifacients 

Jeanne Monahan | 7/1/14 National Review Online

‘Women’s Issues broader than ‘reproductive health,’ experts say 

Adelaide Mena | 6/18/14 Catholic News Agency

Warren Buffett: The Billion Dollar King of Abortion

Mike Ciandella and Katie Yoder | 5/13/14 Media Research Center

Should a National Women’s History Musuem Highlight Abortion Advocate Margaret Sanger?

Caitlin Burke | 5/07/14 The Daily Signal

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss marches for life around the world

Are There Any Pro-Life Health Insurance Plans Available?

John Burger | 5/1/14 Aleteia

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss International Women’s Day

Bethany Goodman on EWTN for her SBA List Young Leader Award

Our Bodies, Ourselves II

Jeanne Monahan | 3/7/14 National Review Online

Priebus: March for Life a Wakeup Call for GOP

Betsy Woodruff 3/6/14 National Review Online

New Study on Aborti
on Rate Doesn’t Tie Drop to New Abortion Restrictions

Navar Watson 2/12/14 Pilot Catholic News

Millennials Join March for Life

2/10/14 | National Catholic Review 

Pro-Life Leaders Slam Nets March for Life Coverage

Katie Yoder 1/31/14 News Busters

A Protest to Change Laws, Hearts

Maria-Pia Negro 1/29/14 | Catholic Herald

Grapevine: Bad journalism or politics at the New York Times?

Bret Baier 1/ 27/14 | Fox News 

Numbers Monday: Forget Jay Leno, the March for Life Gave John Boehner a Bounce

Nikki Schwab | 1/27/14 US News & World Report 

What I Saw at the March for Life

Napp Nazworth 1/25/14 Christian Post 

March for life fights the snow in DC

Delcan Finn 1/24/14 Washington Examiner 

Evangelicals Flock to Pro-Life Message

Jeff Walton 1/24/14 Christian NewsWire 

Braving the DC cold to March for Life – Who was there and who wasn’t

Mark Nowakowski 1/24/14 | Communities Digital News 

Philadelphians make it through snowstorm to join March for Life

Lou Baldwin| 1/24/14 Catholic Philly 

March for Life Goes On Despite Winter Storm


March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

Pam Fichter | 1/23/14 Springfield News-Leader 

March for Life Brings Grassroots and GOP Establishment Together

Tony Lee |1/23/14 Breitbart 

March for Life went on in cold and snow

1/23/14  “line-height: 1.538em;”>|United Press International 

Abortion opponents rally at March for Life

1/23/14 |The Washington Post 

Abortion debate increasingly goes digital

1/23/14 |CBSNews 

Thousands Decry Abortion at March for Life in Washington, DC

1/23/14 |PanAM Post 

Washington’s March For Life Draws Thousands Through Increased Social Media

1/23/14 |IntheCapital 

March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

1/23/14  Springfield News-Leader 

GOP prepares counteroffensive to battle Dem claims of a ‘war on

1/23/14 |The Washington Times 

J.C. Derrick provides a report from the March for Life

1/23/14 |The World and Everything In It 

Thousands Brave the Cold to March for Life

1/23/14 |Washington Free Beacon 

Millennials at march say age group most aware of costs of abortion

1/23/14 |Catholic New Service 

Pope Francis tweets his support for March for Life rally in Washington protesting legalized abortion on anniversary of Supreme Court’s historic Roe V Wade decision 

1/23/14 |DailyMail UK 

What in the World: Abortion Anniversary and US Bases in the UK

1/23/14 |BBC News 

The Millennial Pro-Life Generation

1/23/14 RedAlert Politics 

U.S. anti-abortion marchers brave freezing cold in Washington

1/23/14 Reuters 

Obama pushes women’s reproductive rights amid March for Life

1/22/14 The Washington Times 

Thousands Brave Cold for “March for Life” Abortion Protest in DC

1/22/14 CBS DC 

Abortion Opponents March in Washington on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

1/22/14 New York Times The Lede Blog 

5 Things to Know Wednesday

1/22/14  >| USA Today 

41st Annual March for Life

1/22/14 The Hill 

Despite Frigid Weather, March for Life Marches On with New Adoption Focus

Kate Tracy | 1/22/14 Christianity Today 

Pope Francis Prays (and Tweets) for March for Life 

1/22/14 CNA/EWTN News 

The March for Life in Pictures

Mary Katharine Ham | 1/22/14 | HotAir 

March for Life Attendees Expect 2014 to be a Big Year for Life Movement

Austin Ruse 1/22/14 Breitbart 

The 41st Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Mollie Hemingway | 1/22/14 The Federalist 

Buoyed by Pope, Thousands Brave Frigid DC Temperatures for March for Life Rally

1/22/14 | Newsmax Wires 

Pro-life marchers begin trek to Supreme Court

Meredith Somers | 1/22/14 Washington Times 

The March for Life Media Coverage – or Lack Thereof

Natalie deMacedo |1/22/14 | The American Spectator 

Pope tweets support for US anti-abortion ‘March for Life’

1/22/14 | AFP 

March for Life to Highlight Adoption

Bethany Monk 1/21/14 CitizenLink 

At Chilly D.C. March, Republicans Pledge Support for Antiabortion bills

1/22/14 |The Wall Street Journal 

The March for Life Goes On

1/22/14 |National Review Online 

Thousands To Brave Cold For ‘March For Life‘ Abortion Protest In DC

1/22/14 |Huffington Post 

Anti-abortion activists brave frigid weather for march to mark Roe v Wade

1/22/14 |The Guardian UK 

This Ain’t Your Mama’s March for Life

1/22/14 |Slate 

U.S. Anti-Abortion Marchers Brave Cold in Washington on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

1/22/14 |Baltimore Sun 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |Associated Press 

Snow doesn’t hinder March for Life

1/22/14 |Politico 

Despite Frigid, Bitter Cold Temperatures March for Life to Go On in

1/22/14 |Townhall 

March for Life 2.0? A new approach to the annual anti-abortion rally

1/22/14 |CNN (Blog) 

Miles de personas piden en Washington que se sustituya el aborto por la adopción

1/22/14 |European Press Photo Agency 

Pro-lifers brave windy, freezing temps to ‘March for Life

1/22/14 |Daily Caller 

Pope Francis Tweets ‘March for Life‘ Support, Obama Reaffirms Roe

1/22/14 | 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |WTOP 103.5 

March for Life Draws Thousands to Snowy DC

1/22/14 |USA Today 

Pope Francis tweets support to March for Life in Washington, saying he’s there ‘with my prayers’

1/22/14 |New York Daily News 

Protestants March for Life

1/22/14 |First Things 

Thousands of abortion foes set for ‘March for Life‘ in Washington

1/22/14 |New Haven Register 

Thousands of abortion foes brave cold to join March for Life

1/22/14 |The Washington Post 

Washington’s March for Life goes on, despite snow, low temperatures

1/22/14 | 

Anti-Abortion Activists ‘March for Life’ in Washington

1/22/14 |U.S. News & World Report 

Palin lauds March for Life groups

p>1/22/14 |Politico 

March for Life Focuses on Adoption as Best Option

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

‘We Are Winning’ the Fight Against Abortion, Says Rep. Chris Smith at 41st Annual March for Life Rally

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

Abortion Foes Rally in Washington, Spurred by Pope

1/22/14 |Global Post Agence France-Presse 

Andrew Cuomo and the 2014 March for Life

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Pope Francis tweets his support for anti-abortion ‘March for Life‘ rally

1/22/14 |Raw Story 

Thousands March Through Washington Snow for Annual Rally Against Abortion

1/22/14 |ABC News 

March for Life Message: “Listen to Young People”

1/22/14 |NewsMax 

Eric Cantor Announces Anti-Choice House Vote at March for Life

1/22/14 |RH Reality Check 

Pope Francis Tweets Support for March for Life from the Vatican

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 56

1/22/14 | 

The Best Matching Group Fashions Seen at the March for Life

1/21/14 |Townhall 

Six surprising changes to the anti-abortion March for Life

1/21/14 |CNN Belief Blog 

Snow won’t stop 41st March for Life

1/21/14 |Washington Examiner 

Pro-Lifers in 41st March for Life Brave Harsh Conditions

1/21/14 |The New American 

Through snow, ice and cold, the March for Life will go on

1/21/14 |USA Today 

March for Life – and ProLife Movement – Now Led by Young Adults

1/21/14 |Townhall 

get=”_blank” title=”Permanent Link to That They All May Be One: Christian Unity at the March for Life”>That They All May Be One: Christian Unity at the March for Life

Brian Miller 1/21/14 |Juicy Ecumenism 

March for Life is important witness of unity, advocate says

Adelaide Mena |1/21/14 Catholic News Agency 

Catholic Colleges to Have Major Presence at March for Life

1/21/14 |The Cardinal Newman Society 

March for Life makes room for other causes

Meredith Somers | (1/20/14) | Washington Times

Marching on Washington, Again 

Kathryn Jean Lopez (1/20/14) National Review Online

Inside the Beltway: The bipartisan side of the March for Life

Jennifer Harper | (1/19/14) Washington Times

Choose adoption, not abortion: Column

Grazie Pozo Christie | (1/18/14) | USA Today

March for Life broadens focus to engage cultural, political realms

(1/17/14) CNA/EWTN News

This year’s March for Life reaches a new group: evangelicals

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey | (1/17/14) | Religion News Service

Pro-lifers hold peaceful protest for 40th consecutive year

April Thompson | (1/17/14) | Communities Digital News

2014 March for Life law summit will feature over 20 pro-life leaders

Dustin Siggins | (1/17/14) | LifeSiteNews

EWTN: Send Us Your ‘March for Life’/’Walk for Life’ Videos, Photos & Posts

(1/17/14) Global Newswire

RNC Bumps Annual Meeting for March for Life | (1/17/14)

Tired of the Media Blackout of the March for Life, New Pro-Life Documentary Planned

Katie Yoder | (1/16/14) | NewsBusters

March On!

John Burger | (1/ 15/14) | Catholic World Report 

Abortion foes blast California bill that would make access easier

By Chris Megerian (8/30/2013) Los Angeles Times 

About Marching On

By Kathryn Jean Lopez (8/26/2013) National Review Online 


March for Life expands direction

By Jill Stanek (8/26/2013)  

Will a focus on adoption be key for pro-life advocates moving forward?

By Christopher Santarelli (6/13/2013) The Blaze 

By Kyle Drennen (5/1/2013) Media Research Center 

US Pro-Life leaders join Rome’s March for Life

By Alessandro Speciale (5/8/2013) Washington Post

Grand jury report likens Gosnell’s clinic to a “baby charnel house”

By Joseph Austin (4/17/2013) Catholic News Service 

Jeanne Monahan gives Recap of the March for Life

By Renee Pillor (4/12/2013) Media Research Center TV

Plan B Is The New Plan A

By Alicia Menendez – (4/8/2013) Huffpost Live

Morning-After Pill

By Brian Williams – (4/8/2013) NBC Nightly News

Morning-after Pill Ruling Reanimates Debate

By Sarah Kliff & Brady Dennis – (4/5/2013) The Washington Post

Pope Supports March for Life

By Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum – (1/25/2013) FOX News

40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Thousands March to Oppose Abortion

By Ashley Parker – (1/25/2013) The New York Times

Poll: Majority Support Roe v. Wade

By Luke Russert – (1/25/2013) The Daily Rundown (MSNBC)

‘Pro-life Generation’: Abortion Opponents Take Reins of Record Breaking March for Life

By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/25/2013) The Washington Times


Pro-life Advocates March in DC for 40th Year

By Doug McKelway – (1/25/2013) FOX News

Pope Supports March for Life

By Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum – (1/25/2013) FOX News

40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Thousands March to Oppose Abortion

By Ashley Parker – (1/25/2013) The New York Times

Poll: Majority Support Roe v. Wade

By Luke Russert – (1/25/2013) The Daily Rundown (MSNBC)

‘Pro-life Generation’: Abortion Opponents Take Reins of Record Breaking March for Life

By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/25/2013) The Washington Times

Antiabortion March for Life Gets a New Head and, Perhaps, a New Focus

By Michelle Boorstein – (1/24/2013) The Washington Post

Roe v. Wade Turns 40; New Gonzales Polls; Women in Combat; VA Redistricting

By Bruce DePuyt – (1/24/2013) NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt (ABC)

OP-ED: Gaining Ground in a 40-Year March on Abortion

By Jeanne Monahan – (1/24/2013) The Washington Times

Two Sides of Roe: Activists Weigh In On Ruling’s Past, Present, Future

By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/22/2013) The Washington Times

Abortion Moms Unite, Charge Racism, Lies Drive Pro-Choice Movement

By Paul Bedard – (1/22/2013) Washington Examiner

Republican Rep. Chris Smith Calls Obama the ‘Abortion President’

By Elise Viebeck – (1/22/2013) The Hill

Smith: Obama is the ‘Abortion President’

By Jonathan Tamari – (1/22/2013) The Inquirer

Pro-Life Caucus Co-Chair: Future Generations Will Wonder Why a Nobel Peace Prize-winner was the ‘Abortion President’

By Caroline May – (1/22/2013) The Daily Caller

Roe v. Wade Conference: Women Share Graphic Stories About Abortion’s Toll on Their Lives?

By Penny Starr – (1/22/2013) CNSNews

Dem Co-Chair of Pro-Life Caucus: ‘Without the Right to Life, No Other Rights Can Exist’

By Penny Starr – (1/22/2013) CNSNews

How Did Obama the Abortion President Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

By Steven Ertelt – (1/22/2013) LifeNews

Young People Becoming More Supportive of Pro-Life Movement?

By Uma Pemmaraju – (1/17/13) FOX News (TV interview)

Changes to March for Life Focus on Engaging Culture

By Adelaide Darling – (1/16/13) Catholic News Agency

March for Life’s Jeanne Monahan Leads Next Generation of Anti-Abortion Activists

By Adele M. Banks – (1/16/13) The Washington Post

March for Life Scheduled for Jan 25

By Elise Viebeck – (1/10/13) The Hill

40th March for Life Crowds Could Top Obama Inauguration

By Paul Bedard – (1/10/2013) Washington Examiner

Life News March for Life Attendance Could Top Obama Inaugural Event

By Steven Ertelt – (1/10/13) LifeNews

40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Pro-life Movement Strengthens its Resolve

By Carol Zimmerman – (1/4/2013) Catholic News Service

We March Onward

By Alton J. Pelowski – (12/31/12) Columbia Magazine

Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick

(11/21/12) EWTN (radio interview) archive Jeanne begins at 02:44:00


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