March for Life In the News

Daily Signal, Zika Funding Might Result in Raise for Planned Parenthood, Despite GOP-Controlled Congress, Kelsey Harkness, September 16, 2016

Charisma News, HBO Glamorizing Abortion in New Film, August 16, 2016

Jeanne Mancini on the Eric Metaxas Show, May 31, 2016


Breitbart, GOP National Defense Act Amendment Poised To Create Slush Fund for International Abortion Groups, Dr. Susan Berry, May 19, 2016


Christian Post, Federal Funds to Fight Sex Trafficking Could Go to Big Abortion Businesses, Say Activists, Samuel Smith, May 20, 2016


OneNewsNow, How long will Trump get stumped by pro-life cause? Charlie Butts, April 22, 2016


Bloomberg, Conservatives Bash Trump’s Leftward Tilt on Abortion, Transgender Bathrooms, Sahil Kapur, April 22, 2016

Politico, Trump girds for showdown with anti-abortion groups, Jennifer Haberkorn, April 21, 2016

Talking Points Memo, Yet Again, Donald Trump Has Upset The Anti-Abortion Apple Cart, Tierney Sneed, April 21, 2016


Mediaite, March for Life: Trump Could Set Back Anti-Abortion Movement and Imperil Election Chances, Sam Reisman, April 21, 2016


The Blaze, Trump Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Change GOP’s Abortion Platform April 21, 2016


Bloomberg, March for Life Says Trump Would Set Back Anti-Abortion Cause, Sahil Kapur, April 21, 2016


The Blaze, ‘Demeaning and Belittling to Women’: Some Female Voters Turned off by Clinton and Trump, Fred Lucas, April 19, 2016


Breitbart, Planned Parenthood Prez: ‘A Woman Voting for Ted Cruz Is Like a Chicken Voting for Col. Sanders’, Dr. Susan Berry, April 18, 2016


Townhall, Pro-Life Orgs Condemn Trump’s Comments on Punishing Women Who Have Abortions, Christine Rousselle, March 30, 2016


TheBlaze, ‘Inept and Reckless’: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Groups Slam Trump’s Remark That There Should Be ‘Punishment’ for Women Who Have Abortions, Kate Scanlon, March 30, 2016


Mediaite, Two Major Pro-Life Groups Release Statements Denouncing Trump’s Abortion ‘Punishment’ Remarks, Josh Feldman, March 30, 2016


The New York Times, Donald Trump, Abortion Foe, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women, Then Recants, Maggie Haberman, March 30, 2016


The Daily Beast, Pro-Life Groups Condemn Trump on Abortion, Staff, March 30, 2016


The Financial Times, Trump Under Fire over Abortion Remarks, Demetri Sevastopulo, March 30, 2016


ABC News, Donald Trump clarifies comments after backing punishment for illegal abortions, Michael Vincent, March 30, 2016


USA Today, Trump’s lady trouble is going to cramp his campaign, Editors, March 30, 2016


The Telegraph, Donald Trump’s costly abortion mistake, Bob Crilly, March 30, 2016


Five Thirty-Eight, Trump’s Call To Punish Women Who Have Abortions Is Way Outside The Mainstream, Leah Libresco, March 30, 2016


NBC News, Republicans Increasingly Fret That Trump Escalates ‘War on Women’, Leigh Ann Caldwell, March 30, 2016


Yahoo News, Trump walks back call to punish women who undergo illegal abortions, Holly Bailey, March 30, 2016


POLITICO, Trump reverses statement that women should be punished for illegal abortions, Jennifer Haberkorn, March 30, 2016
The Hill, Both sides in abortion debate pile on Trump, Jessie Hellmann, March 30, 2016


Bloomberg, Trump Reverses on Abortion Ban, Saying Doctors Would Be Punished, Kevin Cirilli, March 30, 2016


VICE, Donald Trump Says He Wants to Punish Women for Illegal Abortions, Then Completely Reverses His Position, Olivia Becker, March 30, 2016


The Daily Caller, Donald Trump Clarifies Stance On Abortion, Alex Pfeiffer, March 30, 2016


HotAir, Trump: If abortion is banned, there has to be some form of punishment for women who do it; Update: Trump reverses, AllahPundit, March 30, 2016


The Washington Times, Donald Trump: Women who break abortion laws should face ‘punishment’, Steven Dinan, March 30, 2016


INTERVIEW: March for Life Leader Reveals Silver Linings in ‘Snowpocalypse’—and the Future of Pro-Life Advocacy
Debby Efurd | Bound4LIFE | 3/23/16

Pro-Life Groups Launch Campaign to Encourage Senators to Block Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee
Kate Scanlon | The Blaze | 3/17/16

White House Responds to Clinton’s Backing of ‘Late-Pregnancy Regulation’ With This Old Obama Comment
Fred Lucas | The Blaze | 3/10/16

Abortion proponents should care about safety if they are truly pro-woman
Jeanne Mancini | The Hill | 3/2/16

Doritos, Debates, And Defining Extreme
Jeanne Mancini | The Daily Caller | 2/11/16

Behind the Mask of Planned Parenthood
Columbia Magazine | January 2016


2016 March for  Life New Coverage

Jan. 23, 2016, Washington Times, March for Life groups stranded for hours in northeast blizzard

Jan. 23, 2016, Breitbart News, Stranded March for Life Pilgrims Celebrate Mass on Snow Altar on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, Des Moines Register, Iowans stranded for 23 hours on Pennsylvania turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, All 5 stranded buses have been cleared to travel

Jan. 23, 2016, WOWT, Nebraska students headed home after being stranded for almost 24 hours

Jan. 23, 2016, KETV Omaha, UPDATE: Stranded students Coast

Jan. 23, 2016, Omaha World-Herald, Hundreds of Nebraskans stalled on Pennsylvania Turnpike after snow storm cuts trip to D.C.’s March for Life short

Jan. 23, 2016, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Catholic students celebrate Mass on snow altar while stranded on PA Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016,, Region students headed home after blizzard stranded them

Jan. 23, 2016,, UPDATE: Eastern Iowans stranded in East Coast blizzard, but buses start moving again

Jan. 23, 2016, Mashable, Stranded travelers build snow altar for mass on the PA Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, Lincoln Journal Star, Students turned around after being stranded on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, Kansas City Star, KC area residents stranded 22 hours on Pennsylvania Turnpike finally find shelter

Jan. 23, 2016, INFORUM, Fargo-area youth group heading home after being stranded on stormy Penn. Turnpike overnight

Jan. 23, 2016, Grand Island Independent, Hundreds of Nebraskans stranded in snowstorm

Jan. 23, 2016, NBCNews, Snowstorm Strands Students on Bus for Over 20 Hours on Pennsylvania Highway

Jan. 23, 2016,, Owensboro Catholic Students Stranded in Pennsylvania for Hours

Jan. 23, 2016, WDAZ, UPDATE: Stranded bus of students on PA turnpike headed back home but remained in high spirits when stuck

Jan. 23, 2016,, Owensboro Catholic Field Trip Gets Stuck in the Snow for 19 Hours

Jan. 23, 2016, KCRG, Iowans on Their Way Home After Being Stranded

Jan. 23, 2016,, Buses carrying W. MI teens, Catholic leaders stranded in PA

Jan. 23, 2016,, 53 Metro-East students stuck on Pennsylvania Turnpike due to blizzard

Jan. 23, 2016,, Diocese group heading home after being stranded in East Coast

Jan. 23, 2016,, Group from St. Mary School stranded on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, knopnews2, Blizzard Slams East Coast; Hundreds of Nebraska Kids Stranded on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, Tribune-Review, Stranded Pa. Turnpike travelers turn to social media

Jan. 23, 2016, KMBC Kansas City, KC-area group stranded in blizzard on Pennsylvania highway

Jan. 23, 2016, 1011now, UNL, UNK Students Stuck on I-76 in Pennsylvania

Jan. 23, 2016, Tucson News Now, Owensboro students stranded on bus on Pennsylvania highway

Jan. 23, 2016, Valley News Live, Storm strands 40-member church group from Fargo, Casselton on PA Turnpike

Jan. 23, 2016, NewsBusters, VIDEO: Tens of Thousands ‘March for Life’ Despite Blizzard

Jan. 23, 2016, Lifesite, Stranded Catholic March for Life participants celebrate mass on snow altar

Jan. 23, 2016,, March for Life President as Blizzard Began: No Sacrifice Too Great to Fight for Right to Life

Jan. 23, 2016, Lifesite, Kelsey Grammer and his wife Katye at the March for Life in Washington DC on Friday

Jan. 23, 2016, Daily Signal, 35 of the Most Interesting Signs at the March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016, Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, Storm keeps many local activists from March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016,, This group tried – again – to disrupt March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016, The Hill, Snowstorm keeps turnout low, but spirits stay high at March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016, ChristianToday, Thousands brave blizzard to join March for Life in D.C.; crowds chant, ‘Hey, Obama, your mama chose life!’

Jan. 23, 2016, Prescott eNews, Arizonans Brave DC Blizzard to Join Thousands in Annual March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016, Christian Post, Thousands March for Life in Washington Despite Arrival of Winter Storm Jonas

Jan. 23, 2016, National Right to Life News, MCCL March for Life brings pro-lifers to Capitol; huge crowd calls for dismemberment abortion ban

Jan. 23, 2016, Catholic Online, Rethinking the ‘March for Life;’ how is it relevant today?

Jan. 23, 2016, Lifesite, Washington’s March for Life 2016 – in photos

Jan. 23, 2016, Meadville Tribune, Locals brave the weather to March for Life in Washington, DC

Jan. 23, 2016, The Union Leader, Storm can’t stop NH’s March for Life in DC

Jan. 23, 2016, Accuracy In Media, PHOTOS and VIDEOS: March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Jan. 23, 2016, KWCH, Kansans among those stuck in snow after March for Life

Jan. 23, 2016, Accuracy in Academia, We Went to the March for Life: This is What We Saw

Jan. 22, 2016, Daily Caller, SNOWPOCALYPSE Doesn’t Stop March For Life Protesters

Jan. 22, 2016, New York Times, Hundreds Brave Snow at March for Life in Washington

Jan. 22, 2016, Fox News, March for Life: To be Pro-Life is to be Pro-Woman

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, Tens of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life and Mourn 58 Million Abortions

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Washington Post, As DC shuts down for a blizzard, a small, faithful crowd still joins the March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Catholic News Service, March for Life marks 43rd anniversary of Roe decision legalizing abortion

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, CBS News Ignores March for Life, Attacks Pro-Life Presidential Candidate Instead

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Hot Air, March for Life: Pro life and pro woman go hand in hand

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Christian Broadcasting Network, March for Life Protesters Brave Blizzard to Speak for the Unborn

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, Fiorina: March for Life ‘Debunks the Litanies of the Left’

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Allentown Morning Call, March for Life forges on despite storm

Jan. 22, 2016‎, PJ Media, Millennial Women Prominent in March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Lifesite, March for Life will go forward, despite impending blizzard

Jan. 22, 2016‎, PJ Media, Fiorina, Ernst at March for Life: There Is No ‘War on Women’

Jan. 22, 2016‎, WJLA, Despite massive storm, organizers gathered for annual ‘March for Life’ event

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, Blizzard won’t stop March for Life anti-abortion rally on Roe v. Wade anniversary

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Washington blizzard limits turnout for March For Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Tribune-Review, Winter storm downsizes D.C. ‘March for Life’

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Coming storm causes Zubik, others to cut short DC March for Life trip

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Pittsburgh Catholic, Hearty souls attend March for Life events despite weather warnings

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Catholic News Service, Bishop Zubik calls for pro-lifers to ‘connect the dots’ on life issues

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Deseret News, ‘Evangelicals for Life’ participants join Catholics in annual march

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Christianity Daily, March for Life Sees Increasing Support from Evangelicals

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, Monster storm can’t keep massive crowds from March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, BP News, Evangelicals for Life conf. bolsters ‘burden’ for unborn

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Daily Signal, March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Tulsa World, Cold air doesn’t chill enthusiasm at March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Breitbart News, #WhyWeMarch: March for Life 2016

Jan. 22, 2016‎, KSN-TV, Wichitans brave DC snow storm to take part in March for Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Breitbart News, The People Who Braved The Storm In Washington DC For The March For Life

Jan. 22, 2016‎,, PHOTOS: Hollywood superstar joins thousands at ‘march for life’

Jan. 22, 2016‎, USA TODAY, 5 things you need to know Friday

Jan. 22, 2016‎, New York Time, March for Life Protest Set to Proceed in Washington

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Town Hall, A March for Life and Fight for the Character of our Nation

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Breitbart News, Exclusive – Why We March for Life: ‘To Show That Millennials Care’

Jan. 22, 2016‎, Breitbart News, #WhyWeMarch Hashtag To Support Today’s Weather-Bound March

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Washington Times, Jeanne Mancini, March for Life president: Snow won’t stop march to end abortion

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Washington Times, March for Life buoyed by young people opposing abortion in increasing numbers

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Fox News, The March for Life and the 2016 election

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Washington Post, Why the March for Life is becoming a destination for more evangelicals

Jan. 21, 2016‎, AP/, Abortion opponents to march despite snow warning

Jan. 21, 2016‎, AP/WBT, Abortion opponents are urged to broaden their vision

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Jezebel, Blizzard Arrives Just in Time for Annual ‘March for Life’

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Washington Times, Mission and faith prevail: ‘Snow will not stop the March for Life’ say organizers

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Washington Post, Annual March for Life is going ahead on Friday, despite storm forecast

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Breitbart News, Annual March for Life To Go Forward, Despite Impending Storm

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Breitbart News, Breitbart News Daily — The 2016 March for Life

Jan. 21, 2016‎, Breitbart News, The March for Life and Youth

Jan. 20, 2016‎, Washington Times, Inside the Beltway: A demand to the media from a big alliance: Cover March for Life

Jan. 20, 2016‎, Town Hall, March for Life to Go On Even Amidst Historic Storm

Carly Fiorina to speak at ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Woman’ March for Life rally in D.C.
Dr. Susan Berry ǀ Breitbart News ǀ 1/13/16

7 reasons you should attend (at least one) March for Life
Natalie Brumfield ǀ Life Site News ǀ 1/13/16

Feminists, humanitarians drawn to March for Life in Washington
Lizzie Short ǀ New Boston Post ǀ 1/13/16

Leaders Push for Greater Evangelical Presence at March for Life
Heather Sells ǀ CBN News ǀ 1/10/16

GOP Slams Obama on Obamacare Veto: ‘This Law Will Collapse’
Todd Beamon ǀ News Max ǀ 1/8/16

Gearing Up For The 2016 March For Life
Greg Barton ǀ WDAC ǀ 1/7/16

Republicans send bill defunding Planned Parenthood to Obama’s veto pen
Dr. Susan Berry ǀ Breitbart News ǀ 1/6/16

Protesting 43 Years of Legalized Abortion
Patti Armstrong ǀ National Catholic Register ǀ 1/5/16

Regs force March for Life to change rally venue in D.C.
Kurt Jensen ǀ Catholic News Service ǀ 12/31/15

Former NFL Center Matt Birk Picked to Speak at the 2016 March for Life
Carson Ingle ǀ Athlete Speakers ǀ 12/17/15

Yes, Ryan is Boehner on ‘Roids
Brendan Kirby ǀ LifeZette ǀ 12/17/15

House Conservatives Give Two Big Reasons for Opposing the $1Trillion+ Omnibus Bill
Randy DeSoto ǀ Western Journalism ǀ 12/17/15

Planned Parenthood Celebrates No ‘Harm’ To Its Taxpayer Funding in 2016…But Wanted More Money
Dr. Susan Berry ǀ Breitbart News ǀ 12/17/15

House budget bill funds Planned Parenthood, reduces UNFPA funds
Dustin Siggins ǀ Life Site News ǀ 12/16/15

NFL Player Who Refused to Meet Pro-Abortion President Obama Will Headline March for Life
Steven Ertelt ǀ Life News ǀ 12/16/15

NFL Star Who Snubbed White House Over Abortion Will Speak at March for Life
Mark Judge ǀ CNS News ǀ 12/15/15

Leading Pro Life Group Has Some Applause for Obama: Here’s Why
Fred Lucas ǀ The Blaze ǀ 12/11/15

SCOTUS could decide future of abortion
Robert King ǀ Washington Examiner ǀ 11/13/15

US Supreme Court Will Consider Texas Abortion Laws
WOAI News Radio ǀ 11/13/15

Democrat members of House investigative panel received thousands in contributions from Planned Parenthood
Dr. Susan Berry ǀ Breitbart News Network ǀ 11/09/15

Supreme Court agrees to rule on birth control insurance mandate
Richard Wolf ǀ USA Today ǀ 11/06/15

War on Women: March For Life is taking abortion advocates to task for “war on women” mantra
The World and Everything In It ǀ 11/05/15

March for Life Theme: ‘Pro-Life & Pro-Woman Go Hand-in-Hand’
Paul Strand ǀ CBN ǀ 11/05/15

Congresswoman Moved to Tears Recounting Stories of Students Coerced into Abortion
Lauretta Brown ǀ CNSNews ǀ 11/04/15

New Support for pro-life annual march
Cheryl Wetzstein ǀ Washington Times ǀ 11/04/15

Congresswoman bursts into tears at March for Life press conference
Dustin Siggins ǀ Life Site News ǀ 11/04/15

March for Life 2016’s Theme: Pro-Life and Pro-Woman
Rebecca Downs ǀ Red Alert ǀ 11/04/15

March for Life’s “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” Theme Tackles the False War on Women Claim
Steven Ertelt ǀ Life News ǀ 11/04/15

March for Life 2016 Theme Unveiled
Christine Rousselle ǀ Town Hall ǀ 11/03/15

March for Life Previews 2016 Theme for Hill Staffers
Hannah Hess ǀ Roll Call ǀ 11/03/15

‘Pro-life leader’ Paul Ryan elected Speaker of US House
Ben Johnson ǀ Life Site News ǀ 10/29/15

Abortion Debate: Running a major anti-abortion rally
BBC News ǀ 10/25/15

Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m sick of’ Republicans trying to ‘take down Planned Parenthood’
Ben Johnson ǀ Life Site News ǀ 10/14/15

Surprise: Charles Koch says he’s a ‘classical liberal’
Jennifer Harper ǀ The Washington Times ǀ 10/14/15

Republicans take another stab at Planned Parenthood
Paige Winfield Cunningham ǀ Washington Examiner ǀ 10/8/15

House GOP Looks Outside for Advice on Planned Parenthood Panel
Emma Dumain ǀ Roll Call ǀ 10/7/15

Planned Parenthood Under Fire
Jeanne Mancini ǀ Capital Research Center, Organization Trends ǀ October 2015

March for Life President on Meeting with Pope Francis, 9/30/15
Jeanne Mancini on EWTN Nightly News

Pro-life leaders, medical researcher fact-check Bill Nye on abortion ǀ 9/28/15

Jeanne Mancini Joins the Mike Church Show 9/10/2015

‘Black babies matter’: The black anti-abortion movement’s political problems
Paige Winfield Cunningham ǀ Washington Examiner ǀ 9/28/15

Senate Democrats defeat bill to ban abortion on babies capable of feeling pain from abortion
Ben Johnson ǀ Life Site News ǀ 09/22/15

Drawing the Line Between Civil and Religious Rights
Linda Greenhouse ǀ The New York Times ǀ 09/17/15

Forcing March for Life to Pay for Abortifacients Makes ‘No Sense Whatsoever,’ Judge Tells Obama Admin
Daniel Distant ǀ Christian Post ǀ 09/2/15

March for Life President Reacts to Planned Parenthood Videos
Jeanne Mancini on EWTN Nightly News

Judge: ‘March for Life’ Exempt from HHS Mandate
CBN News ǀ 09/1/15

Anti-abortion group beats Obamacare contraception rule in court
Justin Wm. Moyer ǀ The Washington Post ǀ 09/1/15

Federal judge shields March for Life from Obamacare birth-control rules
Tom Howell Jr. ǀ The Washington Times ǀ 08/31/15

March for Life prevails over Obamacare’s abortion-pill mandate
Matt Bowman ǀ Alliance Defending Freedom ǀ 08/31/15

Judge Allows Moral, Not Just Religious, Contraception Exemptions
Adam Liptak ǀ The New York Times ǀ 08/31/15

March for Life Defeats Obama Administration in Court
Rachel Stoltzfoos ǀ The Daily Caller ǀ 08/31/15

Federal Court sides with pro-life organization over obamacare’s abortion pill mandate
Dr. Susan Berry ǀ Breitbart News ǀ 08/31/15

The Racist Views of Planned Parenthood’s Founder
Jeanne Mancini ǀ The Daily Signal ǀ 08/13/15

Obama Requiring Christian Groups to Offer Abortion Referrals to Receive Funds for Trafficking Victims
Samuel Smith ǀ Christian Post ǀ 07/22/15

Jeanne Mancini Joins Dana Loesch to discuss Planned Parenthood
Jeanne Mancini on The Blaze TV

Obama administration tightens grant rules for religious groups
Jeanne Mancini ǀ The Hill ǀ 7/21/15

Obama: No Federal Grants for Groups Helping Sex Trafficking Victims That Don’t Push Abortions
Steven Ertelt ǀ Life News ǀ 7/20/15

Administration tightens grant rules for religious groups that refuse abortion counseling
Paige Winfield Cunningham ǀ Fox News ǀ 7/20/15

Obama administration tightens grant rules for religious groups
Paige Winfield Cunningham ǀ Washington Examiner ǀ 7/19/15

We Need More Honesty About Contraceptives’ Risks and Effects
Jeanne Mancini ǀ The New York Times ǀ 07/14/15

Young Anti-Abortion Crusaders Find New Tactics to Promote Their Message
Jackie Jesko, Gloria Riviera, and Jenna Millman ǀ ABC News ǀ 07/9/15

“The pro-choice lobby should be supporting ultrasound bills not mocking governors who do.”

Jeanne Mancini | LifeSiteNews | 6/26/15

Jeanne Mancini on EWTN News Nightly to discuss pro-life news | 6/9/15

Abortion Clinic Opens in Washington, D.C. Styling Itself as a ‘Spa.’
Jeanne Mancini ǀ Breitbart News ǀ 5/11/15


Jeanne Monahan on Newsmax TV to discuss the upcoming March for Life  | 12/23/14

3 Reasons March for Life Should Not Be Forced to Pay for Abortion Pills (Besides the Obvious) 

Alliance Defending Freedom | 11/7/14

Tech Giants Slammed Over Health Coverage for Freezing Eggs

Drew MacKenzie | Newsmax | 11/4/14

March for Life: Every Life is a Gift

Bethany Goodman | Breitbart News | 10/23/14

Every Life is a Gift

Jeanne Monahan | The Hill | 10/22/14

Obamacare or Abortion Care

Jeanne Monahan | Washington Times | 10/16/14

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to Discuss Brittany Maynard and Human Dignity

Pro-Lifers Irate over Obamacare Abortion Funds

Paul Strand | CBN News | 9/14/14

America’s Steady March Toward a Culture of Life
Jeanne Monahan ǀ Colombia Magazine ǀ July 2014

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss Ireland March for Life and other pro-life news

March for Life Files Suit Against HHS Mandate
Kim Trobee ǀ Citizen Link ǀ 7/14/14

March for Life files lawsuit against Obama HHS mandate … but with a twist
Dustin Siggins ǀ Life Site News ǀ 7/10/14

Because Hobby Lobby Decisions Doesn’t Protect Nonprofits, March for Life Sues HHS Mandate
Alliance Defending Freedom ǀ Life News ǀ 7/10/14

March for Life files suite against abortion-pill mandate
Matt Bowman ǀ Alliance Defending Freedom ǀ 7/08/14

Abortion Advocates Downplaying the Science of Abortifacients
Jeanne Monahan ǀ National Review ǀ 7/01/14

‘Women’s issues’ broader than reproductive health, experts say
Adelaide Mena ǀ Catholic News Agency ǀ 6/18/14

Warren Buffett: The Billion-Dollar King of Abortion
Mike Ciandella and Katie Yoder ǀ Media Research Center ǀ 5/13/14

Should a National Women’s History Musuem Highlight Abortion Advocate Margaret Sanger?

Caitlin Burke | 5/07/14 The Daily Signal

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss marches for life around the world

Are There Any Pro-Life Health Insurance Plans Available?
John Burger ǀ Aleteia ǀ 5/1/14

Jeanne Monahan on EWTN to discuss International Women’s Day

Bethany Goodman on EWTN for her SBA List Young Leader Award

Our Bodies, Ourselves II
Jeanne Monahan ǀ National Review ǀ 3/7/14

Priebus: March for Life a Wake-Up Call for GOP
Betsy Woodruff ǀ National Review ǀ 3/6/14

Millennials Join March for Life
America Magazine ǀ 2/10/14

Pro-Life Leaders Slam Nets on March for Life Coverage
Katie Yoder ǀ News Busters ǀ 1/31/14

A protest to change laws, hearts
Maria-Pia Negro ǀ Catholic Herald ǀ 1/29/14

Grapevine: Bad journalism or politics at the New York Times?
Brett Baier ǀ Fox News ǀ 1/27/14

Numbers Monday: Forget Jay Leno, the Marhc for Life Gave John Boehner a Bounce
Nikki Schwab ǀ US News & World Report ǀ 1/27/14

What I Saw at the March for Life

Napp Nazworth 1/25/14 Christian Post 

March for life fights the snow in DC

Delcan Finn 1/24/14 Washington Examiner 

Evangelicals Flock to Pro-Life Message

Jeff Walton 1/24/14 Christian NewsWire 

Braving the DC cold to March for Life – Who was there and who wasn’t

Mark Nowakowski 1/24/14 | Communities Digital News 

Philadelphians make it through snowstorm to join March for Life

Lou Baldwin| 1/24/14 Catholic Philly 

March for Life Goes On Despite Winter Storm


March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

Pam Fichter | 1/23/14 Springfield News-Leader 

March for Life Brings Grassroots and GOP Establishment Together

Tony Lee |1/23/14 Breitbart 

March for Life went on in cold and snow

1/23/14  “line-height: 1.538em;”>|United Press International 

Abortion opponents rally at March for Life

1/23/14 |The Washington Post 

Abortion debate increasingly goes digital

1/23/14 |CBSNews 

Thousands Decry Abortion at March for Life in Washington, DC

1/23/14 |PanAM Post 

Washington’s March For Life Draws Thousands Through Increased Social Media

1/23/14 |IntheCapital 

March for Life happens for 56 million reasons

1/23/14  Springfield News-Leader 

GOP prepares counteroffensive to battle Dem claims of a ‘war on

1/23/14 |The Washington Times 

J.C. Derrick provides a report from the March for Life

1/23/14 |The World and Everything In It 

Thousands Brave the Cold to March for Life

1/23/14 |Washington Free Beacon 

Millennials at march say age group most aware of costs of abortion

1/23/14 |Catholic New Service 

Pope Francis tweets his support for March for Life rally in Washington protesting legalized abortion on anniversary of Supreme Court’s historic Roe V Wade decision 

1/23/14 |DailyMail UK 

What in the World: Abortion Anniversary and US Bases in the UK

1/23/14 |BBC News 

The Millennial Pro-Life Generation

1/23/14 RedAlert Politics 

U.S. anti-abortion marchers brave freezing cold in Washington

1/23/14 Reuters 

Obama pushes women’s reproductive rights amid March for Life

1/22/14 The Washington Times 

Thousands Brave Cold for “March for Life” Abortion Protest in DC

1/22/14 CBS DC 

Abortion Opponents March in Washington on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

1/22/14 New York Times The Lede Blog 

5 Things to Know Wednesday

1/22/14  >| USA Today 

41st Annual March for Life

1/22/14 The Hill 

Despite Frigid Weather, March for Life Marches On with New Adoption Focus

Kate Tracy | 1/22/14 Christianity Today 

Pope Francis Prays (and Tweets) for March for Life 

1/22/14 CNA/EWTN News 

The March for Life in Pictures

Mary Katharine Ham | 1/22/14 | HotAir 

March for Life Attendees Expect 2014 to be a Big Year for Life Movement

Austin Ruse 1/22/14 Breitbart 

The 41st Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Mollie Hemingway | 1/22/14 The Federalist 

Buoyed by Pope, Thousands Brave Frigid DC Temperatures for March for Life Rally

1/22/14 | Newsmax Wires 

Pro-life marchers begin trek to Supreme Court

Meredith Somers | 1/22/14 Washington Times 

The March for Life Media Coverage – or Lack Thereof

Natalie deMacedo |1/22/14 | The American Spectator 

Pope tweets support for US anti-abortion ‘March for Life’

1/22/14 | AFP 

March for Life to Highlight Adoption

Bethany Monk 1/21/14 CitizenLink 

At Chilly D.C. March, Republicans Pledge Support for Antiabortion bills

1/22/14 |The Wall Street Journal 

The March for Life Goes On

1/22/14 |National Review Online 

Thousands To Brave Cold For ‘March For Life‘ Abortion Protest In DC

1/22/14 |Huffington Post 

Anti-abortion activists brave frigid weather for march to mark Roe v Wade

1/22/14 |The Guardian UK 

This Ain’t Your Mama’s March for Life

1/22/14 |Slate

U.S. Anti-Abortion Marchers Brave Cold in Washington on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

1/22/14 |Baltimore Sun 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |Associated Press 

Snow doesn’t hinder March for Life

1/22/14 |Politico 

Despite Frigid, Bitter Cold Temperatures March for Life to Go On in

1/22/14 |Townhall 

March for Life 2.0? A new approach to the annual anti-abortion rally

1/22/14 |CNN (Blog) 

Miles de personas piden en Washington que se sustituya el aborto por la adopción

1/22/14 |European Press Photo Agency 

Pro-lifers brave windy, freezing temps to ‘March for Life

1/22/14 |Daily Caller 

Pope Francis Tweets ‘March for Life‘ Support, Obama Reaffirms Roe

1/22/14 | 

Pope Francis gives support to DC abortion protest

1/22/14 |WTOP 103.5 

March for Life Draws Thousands to Snowy DC

1/22/14 |USA Today 

Pope Francis tweets support to March for Life in Washington, saying he’s there ‘with my prayers’

1/22/14 |New York Daily News 

Protestants March for Life

1/22/14 |First Things 

Thousands of abortion foes set for ‘March for Life‘ in Washington

1/22/14 |New Haven Register 

Thousands of abortion foes brave cold to join March for Life

1/22/14 |The Washington Post 

Washington’s March for Life goes on, despite snow, low temperatures

1/22/14 | 

Anti-Abortion Activists ‘March for Life’ in Washington

1/22/14 |U.S. News & World Report 

Palin lauds March for Life groups
Lucy McCalmont ǀ Politico ǀ 1/22/14

March for Life Focuses on Adoption as Best Option

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

‘We Are Winning’ the Fight Against Abortion, Says Rep. Chris Smith at 41st Annual March for Life Rally

1/22/14 |Christian Post 

Abortion Foes Rally in Washington, Spurred by Pope

1/22/14 |Global Post Agence France-Presse 

Andrew Cuomo and the 2014 March for Life

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Pope Francis tweets his support for anti-abortion ‘March for Life‘ rally

1/22/14 |Raw Story 

Thousands March Through Washington Snow for Annual Rally Against Abortion

1/22/14 |ABC News 

March for Life Message: “Listen to Young People”

1/22/14 |NewsMax 

Eric Cantor Announces Anti-Choice House Vote at March for Life

1/22/14 |RH Reality Check 

Pope Francis Tweets Support for March for Life from the Vatican

1/22/14 |Townhall 

Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 56

1/22/14 | 

The Best Matching Group Fashions Seen at the March for Life

1/21/14 |Townhall 

Six surprising changes to the anti-abortion March for Life

1/21/14 |CNN Belief Blog 

Snow won’t stop 41st March for Life

1/21/14 |Washington Examiner 

Pro-Lifers in 41st March for Life Brave Harsh Conditions

1/21/14 |The New American 

Through snow, ice and cold, the March for Life will go on

1/21/14 |USA Today 

March for Life – and ProLife Movement – Now Led by Young Adults

1/21/14 |Townhall 

get=”_blank” title=”Permanent Link to That They All May Be One: Christian Unity at the March for Life”>That They All May Be One: Christian Unity at the March for Life

Brian Miller 1/21/14 |Juicy Ecumenism 

March for Life is important witness of unity, advocate says

Adelaide Mena |1/21/14 Catholic News Agency 

Catholic Colleges to Have Major Presence at March for Life

1/21/14 |The Cardinal Newman Society 

March for Life makes room for other causes

Meredith Somers | (1/20/14) | Washington Times

Marching on Washington, Again 

Kathryn Jean Lopez (1/20/14) National Review Online

Inside the Beltway: The bipartisan side of the March for Life

Jennifer Harper | (1/19/14) Washington Times

Choose adoption, not abortion: Column

Grazie Pozo Christie | (1/18/14) | USA Today

March for Life broadens focus to engage cultural, political realms

(1/17/14) CNA/EWTN News

This year’s March for Life reaches a new group: evangelicals

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey | (1/17/14) | Religion News Service

Pro-lifers hold peaceful protest for 40th consecutive year

April Thompson | (1/17/14) | Communities Digital News

2014 March for Life law summit will feature over 20 pro-life leaders

Dustin Siggins | (1/17/14) | LifeSiteNews

EWTN: Send Us Your ‘March for Life’/’Walk for Life’ Videos, Photos & Posts

(1/17/14) Global Newswire

RNC Bumps Annual Meeting for March for Life | (1/17/14)

Tired of the Media Blackout of the March for Life, New Pro-Life Documentary Planned

Katie Yoder | (1/16/14) | NewsBusters

March On!

John Burger | (1/ 15/14) | Catholic World Report 

Abortion foes blast California bill that would make access easier

By Chris Megerian (8/30/2013) Los Angeles Times 

About Marching On

By Kathryn Jean Lopez (8/26/2013) National Review Online 


March for Life expands direction

By Jill Stanek (8/26/2013)  

Will a focus on adoption be key for pro-life advocates moving forward?

By Christopher Santarelli (6/13/2013) The Blaze 

By Kyle Drennen (5/1/2013) Media Research Center 

US Pro-Life leaders join Rome’s March for Life

By Alessandro Speciale (5/8/2013) Washington Post

Grand jury report likens Gosnell’s clinic to a “baby charnel house”

By Joseph Austin (4/17/2013) Catholic News Service 

Jeanne Monahan gives Recap of the March for Life

By Renee Pillor (4/12/2013) Media Research Center TV

Plan B Is The New Plan A

By Alicia Menendez – (4/8/2013) Huffpost Live

Morning-After Pill

By Brian Williams – (4/8/2013) NBC Nightly News

Morning-after Pill Ruling Reanimates Debate

By Sarah Kliff & Brady Dennis – (4/5/2013) The Washington Post

Pope Supports March for Life

By Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum – (1/25/2013) FOX News

40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Thousands March to Oppose Abortion

By Ashley Parker – (1/25/2013) The New York Times

Poll: Majority Support Roe v. Wade

By Luke Russert – (1/25/2013) The Daily Rundown (MSNBC)

‘Pro-life Generation’: Abortion Opponents Take Reins of Record Breaking March for Life

By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/25/2013) The Washington Times



By Doug McKelway – (1/25/2013) FOX News

Pope Supports March for Life

By Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum – (1/25/2013) FOX News

40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Thousands March to Oppose Abortion

By Ashley Parker – (1/25/2013) The New York Times

Poll: Majority Support Roe v. Wade

By Luke Russert – (1/25/2013) The Daily Rundown (MSNBC)

‘Pro-life Generation’: Abortion Opponents Take Reins of Record Breaking March for Life

By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/25/2013) The Washington Times

Antiabortion March for Life Gets a New Head and, Perhaps, a New Focus

By Michelle Boorstein – (1/24/2013) The Washington Post

Roe v. Wade Turns 40; New Gonzales Polls; Women in Combat; VA Redistricting

By Bruce DePuyt – (1/24/2013) NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt (ABC)

OP-ED: Gaining Ground in a 40-Year March on Abortion

By Jeanne Monahan – (1/24/2013) The Washington Times


By Cheryl Wetzstein – (1/22/2013) The Washington Times

Abortion Moms Unite, Charge Racism, Lies Drive Pro-Choice Movement

By Paul Bedard – (1/22/2013) Washington Examiner


By Elise Viebeck – (1/22/2013) The Hill


By Jonathan Tamari – (1/22/2013) The Inquirer


By Caroline May – (1/22/2013) The Daily Caller


By Penny Starr – (1/22/2013) CNSNews


By Penny Starr – (1/22/2013) CNSNews


By Steven Ertelt – (1/22/2013) LifeNews


By Uma Pemmaraju – (1/17/13) FOX News (TV interview)


By Adelaide Darling – (1/16/13) Catholic News Agency


By Adele M. Banks – (1/16/13) The Washington Post


By Elise Viebeck – (1/10/13) The Hill


By Paul Bedard – (1/10/2013) Washington Examiner


By Steven Ertelt – (1/10/13) LifeNews


By Carol Zimmerman – (1/4/2013) Catholic News Service


By Alton J. Pelowski – (12/31/12) Columbia Magazine


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