Give Life November

Our November Give Life challenge is to support adoption during National Adoption Awareness Month!

IMG_2522In the United States, tragically 1.21 million Americans are aborted annually whereas only 20,000 infants are adopted.  This means that for every 1 infant that is adopted into a loving family in the U.S., another 61 babies are not given the chance for life.  But when a mother chooses adoption over abortion, birthmom, adoptive parents, and the baby all benefit tremendously from her decision!

There are many wonderful resources and ways that you can support adoption.

Perhaps it’s even something for your family to consider?



The National Council for Adoption’s provides resources on adoption and an adoption agency search.  The site also is home to many powerful and personal stories of adoption:

Adoption Journey


Adopted and Loved

Bethany Christian Resources

Catholic Charities

Covenant Care Adoptions

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

Christian Alliance for Orphans

Heart Gallery of America

National Council for Adoption

Sally’s Lambs

March for Life adoption memes –> please share!

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