Day One of the Kavanaugh Hearings


Today was the first day of the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it was clear that the opposition to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will do anything to stop the confirmation process.


Protestors interrupted the Senate Judiciary hearing dozens of times today and Judge Kavanaugh’s children had to be escorted out of the hearing room.

In fact, Senate Democrats were part of the partisanship with NBC reporting that “Democrats plotted a coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend and all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing.”

>>>> Please take a moment to contact your Senators urging them to support a fair process and confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court!

Despite the outrage and protests, Judge Kavanaugh proved his exceptional character and qualifications during his opening statement. He shared, “If confirmed to the Court, I would be part of a Team of Nine, committed to deciding cases according to the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Day one of the hearings has concluded, but they will reconvene on Wednesday, with Senators given the opportunity to question the nominee.

>>>> Please take a moment to contact your Senators today to support the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh will make a great justice, just like the President’s first appointment, Neil Gorsuch. He is exceptionally qualified for the role of Supreme Court justice and will no doubt serve as a fair, independent judge who will remain faithful to the Constitution.

It’s critical that every pro-life American contact their Senators in support of Judge Kavanaugh.

We will keep you updated as the hearings continue this week. Be sure to follow us on social media!

Start Planning!


It’s time to start planning for the 2019 March for Life!

We hope you will join us on Friday, January 18th, 2019 in Washington, D.C. for the 46th annual March for Life!

Below are a few items to note:

  • Our hotel room block is now open for groups requesting five or more rooms. Individual reservations will open in mid-October.
    Click HERE for more hotel info.
  • Registration for the March for Life Conference (Thursday, January 17, 9:00 a.m. – noon) is now open. Click HERE for more info.
  • Registration for the March for Life Youth Rally (Thursday, January 17, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.) is now open. Click HERE for more info.
  • You can now purchase early bird tickets for the March for Life Rose Dinner (Friday, January 18, complimentary cocktail hour at 6:00 p.m; dinner at 7:00 p.m.). Click HERE to purchase tickets.

We hope you’ll join us at the March for Life on Friday, January 18th, 2019 to make a stand for life!

Deadline Approaching for Protect Life Rule!


Do you remember?

Three years ago this month, the first videos from the Center for Medical Progress were released, revealing the barbaric fetal tissue trafficking practices happening in Planned Parenthood centers across the country.

An organization that commits over 320,000 abortions each year, and has been caught illegally transferring fetal tissue, should not be receiving a dime of taxpayer dollars.

While Congress has been unable to pass legislation to fully defund the nation’s largest abortion provider, the Trump Administration took action by issuing a proposed “Protect Life” rule.

This Health and Human Services rule would end Title X family planning funding for entities that perform, support, or refer for abortion. Planned Parenthood could lose $60 million dollars in federal funding, if this rule is implemented.

Your voice is needed to make this happen.

The deadline for the public comment is just a few days away. Will you take a minute to comment on the HHS Protect Life Rule?

>>>> Click HERE to leave a comment on the Protect Life rule.

2019 March for Life: Will You Join Us?


Can you believe it – it’s 6 months until the 2019 March for Life!

Will you join us?

On January 18, 2019 we will gather in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, to speak out against the greatest injustice of our time, abortion.

Since the 1973 Supreme Court cases, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, which legalized abortion-on-demand in our country, over 60 million lives have been lost to abortion.

Saving lives, ending abortion, and promoting a culture of life is why we march each year. But we need you to be part of this effort!

You can begin by downloading our 2019 March for Life Trip Planner, and please share it with family and friends. Let’s make the 2019 March for Life the biggest and most impactful one yet.

>>>> Click HERE to download the 2019 March for Life Trip Planner.

Millions of Americans have come together at the March for Life over the years to be educated, equipped, and mobilized to end abortion. And millions more have been reached by our positive pro-life messaging that is shared through media and social media every January.

We hope that you will join us on January 18, 2019 to take a stand for life.

A marcher from this past January said: “It was a beautiful and empowering march. I am so hopeful because there were thousands of like-minded individuals marching to end abortion – an evil responsible for the 1/3 of my generation missing.”

If you’ve never marched before, we hope you will join us next January for this life-changing event. And for all those who have, we ask that you join us again – and bring friends!

We need YOU at the 2019 March for Life so that together, we can achieve a world where the beauty and dignity of every human life are valued and protected.

>>>> Visit our 2019 website for more information!

6 Ways to Get Ready for the 2019 March for Life!


6 Ways to Get Ready for March for Life 2019

It’s just 6 months until tens of thousands of pro-life Americans will march in our Nation’s Capital!

There are many ways you can support the pro-life movement and get ready for March for Life 2019 on Friday, January 18, 2019 in Washington, D.C.


Here are the top 6 things you can do to get ready:

1. Download the March for Life 2019 Trip Planner

From conferences to rallies, the March for Life is filled with great opportunities to celebrate life, connect with marchers, and learn how to become a more effective pro-life advocate.

It can be hard to keep all of these details straight, especially when you are leading a whole group! That’s why we put all of the information you will need in one place.

>>>> Download our March for Life 2019 Trip Planner for all March for Life related details. 

Still have questions? Connect with other March for Life trip leaders by joining our Trip Planner Facebook group.


2. Give to a local pro-life pregnancy resource center.

The sole focus of pro-life pregnancy centers is to care for parents and their children, particularly when facing an unexpected pregnancy. These centers collectively offer over $100 million every year in free services, ranging from sonograms to baby diapers.

The live-saving work of pregnancy centers relies on the generosity of pro-lifers in their local community.

Go to to find a life-affirming pregnancy clinic in your community.


3. Contact your Senators and tell them to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court

On Monday July 9th, President Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee.

As pro-life marchers, we understand the impact of the Supreme Court, and the crucial importance of having justices, like Scalia and Gorsuch, who interpret the Constitution as it was originally written.

>>>> Urge your Senators to give Kavanaugh an open and fair confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh is exceptionally qualified for the role and will no doubt serve as a fair, independent judge who will remain faithful to the Constitution.


4. Comment on HHS Title X Protect Life Rule

The HHS proposed a new Title X Protect Life rule that will stop all Title X funds from going to any institution that performs, advocates, or supports abortion in any way. With this rule in place, Planned Parenthood will lose $40 – $60 million in tax payer dollars every year.

>>>> Share your support for the rule by adding your comments to the Protect Life rule.


5. Thank a Pro-life OBGYN

Hundreds of OBGYNs are standing against the abortion industry and using their voice to protect life.

Take some time to show your support for OBGYN’s who courageously advocate for life.

Send them a card. Give them a phone call. Show these pro-life doctors that their bravery, commitment to life, and hard work is appreciated!

Go to to find pro-life doctors near you.


6. Share on social media that you march for life

Our movement continues to grow, but we need your voice!

Share our “I march for life” graphic on social media to let your friends and family know that you stand for the right to life. Be sure to include a link to our 2019 website and invite others to march with you.

Thank you for using your voice to defend LIFE.

We’ll see you on January, 18th 2019!


March for Life Statement on Supreme Court Nomination


“President Trump has chosen another strong nominee in Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A graduate of Yale College and Law School, Judge Kavanaugh’s experience includes clerking for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, service in the Executive Branch, private practice experience, and most recently twelve years working on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to Kavanaugh’s excellent professional qualifications, he is a man of faith, a family man, and a girls basketball coach. He is exceptionally qualified for the role and will no doubt serve as a fair, independent judge who will remain faithful to the Constitution. According to the 2016 presidential election exit polls, one in five voters reported their primary motivating factor in voting was the Supreme Court, and of those voters, President Trump won a resounding 57%. We thank President Trump for delivering on his campaign promise by choosing another Gorsuch-like nominee. March for Life will work to assure that Judge Kavanaugh has a fair confirmation process so that we and the American public can learn more about this qualified nominee.”

– Jeanne Mancini, March for Life President

Jeanne Mancini Op-Ed on NIFLA in Washington Times

The Supreme Court rules to favor pregnancy centers

“The mission of the pro-life movement has always been to “love them both” — protecting the innate human dignity of both mother and child. There is no better example of carrying out this mission than pro-life pregnancy care centers, the kind involved in the Supreme Court case NIFLA v. Becerra. In that case the right of pregnancy care centers to continue providing compassionate, life-affirming care to expectant mothers and their babies was just upheld.”

>>>> Click HERE to read the full op-ed.

March for Life Statement on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement


“With Neil Gorsuch, President Trump kept his promise to American voters who revealed in 2016 exit polls that U.S. Supreme Court appointments are a top priority when they enter the ballot box. We look forward to another nominee who, like Justice Gorsuch is brilliant, impeccably qualified, and independent. The list of potential nominees includes men and women who are similarly qualified, exhibit the qualities necessary to sit on the Supreme Court and, most importantly, who interpret the Constitution as it was originally written. Although the nominee will no doubt face attacks from extremists, mainstream America would welcome another great Justice.”

– Jeanne Mancini, March for Life President

March for Life Statement on NIFLA Decision


“Advertising or promoting abortion runs directly counter to the very reason pregnancy care centers exist – namely to enable and support women who want to choose life for their children to do so. The government has no business forcing these centers to violate their first amendment right to free speech and, in doing so, work against their life-affirming mission. We applaud the Supreme Court for preserving these centers’ free speech right and allowing them to continue offering such comprehensive and critical support to women in need, including providing over 100 million in free services (child care, clothing, diapers, transportation, etc.) annually.”

– Jeanne Mancini, March for Life President