Are You Subsidizing Abortion Coverage?

WATCH the video from our online conversation with Pro-Life Caucus Chairman Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)

As you likely know, under Obamacare many Americans are being forced to purchase health insurance through their state exchanges.

What you may not know is that many of the plans being offered include elective abortion coverage!

23 states have exercised their right under Obamacare to exclude abortion coverage, but for the remaining 27, that decision has been left to insurance companies.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find out which plans are pro-life and which are not. That is because of a secrecy clause in Obamacare that only allows providers to disclose elective abortion coverage “as a part of the summary of benefits and coverage explanation, at the time of enrollment.”

Without this information, many pro-lifers may be unwittingly enrolling in healthcare coverage that subsidizes abortion coverage.  Watch the video to find out what states we have found problems in, and how you can find out if your state is one of them!

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