April Give Life Challenge: Post-Abortion Healing


Our Give Life Challenge for April is to share information about post-abortion healing.

MarchForLife_April2015_Memes3As we begin the month of April, here in the Nation’s Capital we welcome spring! Just a few weeks ago, the Potomac River and Tidal Basin were frozen over, and now the famed cherry blossoms are beginning to bud and will be in full bloom in days!

Nature’s rebirth is particularly on our mind as we prepare for Easter this Sunday. Themes of resurrection and redemption are essential to the pro-life movement. While abortion tragically takes the life of an unborn child, it also harms the mother and others. Many women and men who have been involved in abortion are in desperate need of hope and healing.

MarchForLife_April2015_Memes2Thank you for participating in our April Give Life Challenge.  As we reflect on the Easter season, these seemingly small efforts could truly “give life” to someone desperately in need of solace.

>>>> Click HERE for resources and ideas for what you can do this month to share hope about post-abortion healing.